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Back in December, Carin blogged about a woman who’s insurance got cut off because pictures on Facebook showed her happy, when she was on leave for depression. Her doctor’s had urged her to take a trip and have fun, and her insurance saw her having fun and cut her off. In this post, Carin talks about her own experience with depression and how a picture of her smiling certainly wouldn’t have shown you the true pain in her life. She emailed me the link to the post to use this month, and as I’m out of guest bloggers, I decided to post about it today.

I read the post back then, and re-read it this morning, and it really is a descriptive peek into what it was like for her back then, even though she wasn’t officially diagnosed with depression. There’s no denying it though, and she makes a really good point about that woman who lost her benefits. Really it boils down to the lack of understanding of mental health disorders. I won’t even get into the issue of everything we do online being scrutinized. Go give the post a read, and even though it’s not posted on my blog, I’ll give my warning about swear words, for my younger readers.

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