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The other night I checked Discovery Health to see if any of my shows were on, and there was a show about hording. In the show, they had done kind of an intervention of sorts and had brought in a guy to help these people. The one guy’s house was so packed full of stuff that you had to walk on stuff to get around. The guy had a path that you were allowed to walk through, marked with bags and such. You could hear him telling the therapist and the camera crew where they were allowed to step.

I looked it up and found an interesting site, where it talks about the beginning studies of hording and such.

I tend to hang on to stuff that has some sort of sentimental value, but it’s nothing like what these people suffer from. Hording is definitely a paralyzing affliction.

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  1. I’m not a hoarder in the pathological sense of the term, but I do tend to hold onto things. I feel pride every time I put something in the trash, because there have been periods where that’s been very difficult for me. I spoke to my therapist about that this week. I find it far easier to get rid of things through communities like Freecycle and, because I know they’re going to someone who wants them.

    My therapist thinks it may be a reflection of my own abandonment issues. 🙂

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