MH – AZ’s other problem

I was gonna write this huge post about the problem in Arizona that the immigration stuff is upstaging. I was gonna rant and rave and share a little about some of what’s going on due to the Recovery Act. I really was gonna do all that. But I’m taking care of my own mental health and I’m not gonna dive into it. When I talk about this stuff, my heart races and I get really upset and I just can’t do that.

Luckily, I have an article that Carol told me about and it explains it all. Please, take a few minutes to see what’s going to happen to our mentally ill. It’s not getting any attention because all anyone cares about is immigration. Well, people are going to die when it comes to mental health. Oh there goes my heart, ok I can’t write anymore.

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  1. Wow, that’s awful. Things like this should be criminal. there has to be other places that can be cut first, but that won’t happen. whenever sacrifices need to be made, they’re almost always made for the disadvantaged on behalf of the well off. What a mess the whole system we live in is.

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