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Today’s guest post comes from Rachel. (name used with permission) I really like her positive outlook on living life with a mental illness. She has definitely found the coping skills needed to attack life. Thank you for sharing with us Rachel!


Living With Mental Illness

When I first heard about mental health awareness month I thought it was a great idea. I thought initially I would share about my diagnosis, but there’s more to me then a label or my disability or the color of my hair, so I thought I would share how it is to live day-to-day with a mental illness.

When someone meets me, they first notice my blindness since I have a guide dog. A person won’t even notice my mental illness, although it took a long time for that to happen. I’m glad that even though I have my moments of mental illness they are far and few between. It’s not something I’m hiding, I just don’t let it stop me from achieving my goals and living a happy productive life.

There have been times in my life that I wasn’t as stable, and I know I’ve made mistakes as a result of that instability. However, thanks to a great support system and great coping skills I am a much more stable, content person.

The best advice I would give to someone who has a mental illness or is down and experiencing any symptoms of depression such as not eating, eating to much or sleeping to little or to much is to seek help. Help in most circumstances is only a phone call away, or as was pointed out earlier on the blog you can get help by going online. I want you to know this, though. Even though we all have good days, we also will have bad days mental health wise. Just know that no matter what you’re going through, someone somewhere understands, and you’re not alone.


I really like how Rachel says there is more to her than her mental illness. I know for me, it’s been a big help to focus on me, and less on my disability and struggles. Strength comes from within, once we get the help in finding the skills to rely on that strength.

Thanks again, Rachel!

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  1. Thanks Rachel and Ro. I love that my group at the office for women experiencing depression now refers to themselves as a tribe who are supporting one another. We all need support in whatever we are dealing with and to know it is not who we are.

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