“Metro Girl” by Janet Evanovich – narrated by C.J. Critt

When B and I went to West Virginia for Christmas in 2008, his sister-in-law gave me a huge box full of audio books on CD that she had from when she used to do a lot of commuting. I would reach into the “mystery box of books”, pop a CD in, hope it was the beginning of a book, and sit back on my couch. That’s pretty much how I spent my early blind days, the mystery box and audio books a friend would bring from the campus library at the school she taught for.

“Metro Girl” was one of the mystery books and I enjoyed it so much back then I listened to it again immediately after I finished it. I had read quite a few Janet Evanovich books before this one and while I liked it, I wished it had been narrated by Lorelei King like the Stephanie Plum series was.

“Metro Girl” is one of the few books I kept from that box and I had recently copied all my audio books on CD to my computer for easier listening. When I finished “The Cider House rules” last month and tried to read “David Copperfield”, I decided I needed something light and ‘Metro’ was on my iPod.

I enjoyed it again but oh man do I not like the narration haha. I’m surprised a few reviews at Audible spoke highly of it. The lead male is supposed to be this sexy Nascar driver but he sounds like a bumbling fool. I kept trying to picture Matthew McConaughey but it didn’t work.

This is just a cute book though, about a thirty year old woman who’s brother goes missing in Florida. She runs off from baltimore to try and find him and runs into the Nascar guy, who’s boat her brother seems to have disappeared in.

Janet Evanovich creates funny characters and puts them in some crazy situations. I didn’t know until I got the link to this book on Amazon that this book has turned into a series. Unfortunately the next book is narrated by the same woman so I don’t think I’ll be getting it. Maybe I’ll read it on the now accessible Kindle app on my iPhone.

Rating: Entertaining

“Metro Girl” at Audible ~ “Metro Girl” at Amazon

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