May have been my last crabs

It has ben so hard for me to think of a post, let alone write one, every day for NaBloPoMo this year. I learned a new term on the Patients Like Me forumyesterday. I don’t feel like doing a link so look at yesterday’s post if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Anyway the term is “cog fog”. Love ! That’s definitely me. I have no mental energy and my arms are sore because B and I went out to eat tonight to Joe’s Crab Shack.

I could barely crack open the crab legs to get the meat. My hands are losing dexterity and my arms were aching from holding my hands over the bucket and trying to crack the crabs.

I’m hoping this is temporary but I’m feeling more and more weakness as time goes on and my last two big MS relapses were after tooth infections. So, you do the math.

Fingers are crossed this doesn’t get any worse.

Did the subject line make you think I was referring to the venereal disease?


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  1. Oh jeebers. I’m going to hope this is temporary. Scary. Wish I had more words.
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  2. oh…and yes, that title made me do a double-take.

  3. Ro

    Yeah, definitely scary. Part of me is hoping I’m just noticing weakness because I haven’t been able to exercise in quite awhile and I’m sure that has to be part of it but the weakness has never come on like this, even with breaks from exercise. But, my body has been assaulted a lot this year so I mean that would take a toll on anyone. After the holiday I’m on the hunt for a neurologist and I hope to God the insurance suits approve the extractions. I just feel like these teeth are poisoning me.
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  4. I know this is a stupid thought, but if you’re pretty sure tooth infections have caused significant MS flairs, could your neuro advocate with the suits that these tooth extractions are necessary to keep the MS at bay? Probably not, but ya know. Thought I’d throw that out there.
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  5. Ro

    Need to get a neurologist first. Also, the antibioitcs took care of the infection but I think the damage was already done before I started them. This is just the aftermath. The pain is from there just being too much teeth in my head, but there shouldn’t be any more infection. Now I know how to prevent tooth infections so hopwfully this will never happen again.
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