Matt Joyce called me from #RaysFanFest!

The call came in at 11:07 am my time. A male voice said something like, I’m calling from the Tampa Bay Rays Fan Fest at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida. I have Matt Joyce here and he’d like to talk to you.

It all happened so fast. I had been sitting at the computer and the TV was on so I walked into my entryway and then Matt Joyce got on the phone and I ran into my room and jumped on the bed. I wish I could remember the conversation exactly as it went but I ran to Twitter first after we hung up and then checked the time of the call to start this post. B had to run out because the alarm was going off at his office, so he missed it. Bullocks!

So Matt gets on the phone and I know he said hi and how are you and I asked him how he was and he said good and I could tell he was smiling. You could hear it in his voice and he sounded a little nervous and giggled as I giggled.

I know he asked if I’d be at any games but I said I’m in Arizona but I might go to Anaheim when you guys play the Angels and he said that would be cool and be sure to say hi if I go. He asked if I missed them this winter and I said it’s been awful but I’m keeping up with them on Twitter and then they must have told him he had to wrap it up because he said something like, well I just wanted to call and say hi and take care and he kept saying sweetie and I said thanks so much for calling and we were both laughing when we said bye.

I screamed and Jayden came running and I danced around the apartment giggling and ran to Twitter with shaking hands and then I thanked my Twitter friend and then B came home and I told him and now I’m writing this.

All the things I could have said to him started going through my mind like I could have called him Mr. Grand Slam or said Go Rays! or anything but I just giggled and rambled on about Twitter and Anaheim and giggled some more.

Wow! I talked to Matt Joyce!! I talked to Matt Joyce!

I just went and found three posts where I mention Matt Joyce. This one is after his first Grand Slam and it was because of that that I found a great Rays youtube channel that I’m now subscribed to. Unfortunately, videos aren’t automatically playing now for some reason, so I need to look into that. But that post has a link to an interview with Matt Joyce about the Slam.

This one is about Matt’s second Slam during Matt Garza’s no hitter. See why I could have called him Mr. Grand Slam when I had him on the phone? Both slams were integral. The first gave us a win after the game had been tied and the second made sure Garza would win the no no. Talk about clutch.

This last one is one where I talk about possible trade talk and about how I think Matt Joyce is coming into his own on the team and is valuable.

Well, since I’ve now talked to Matt Joyce on the phone and he has four posts about him, I think he’ll be the third Ray to get a label here at the Roof. =D I’ve always liked him and when my Twitter friend said he was one who would be doing the phone a friend calls, I hoped it would be him, and it was!!! Not that I don’t love all of them. Duh. Haha! Ok I’m still giddy.

I talked to Matt Joyce! I talked to Matt Joyce! I talked to Matt Joyce!



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3 Responses to Matt Joyce called me from #RaysFanFest!

  1. You sound higher than a kite LOL What a thrill for you! 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    I’m so happy he called you. A lot of people told me it would never happen, but I found a kind soul who said she would do her best..and she did…I’m so happy 4 you. Met matt at BJ bowling tourn…he is a sweetie.

    the “dudette”

  3. Ro

    Dudette!!! Thank you soooooooo much! Everyone, she’s the one who made this happen. It’s amazing how many awesome people are in this world!

    I remember when you tweeted about Matt at the bowling thing and how jealous I was. I might just have to come out there and go with you to a game. It truly made my day today, not just the call from Matt, but the message from Dave and chatting with you on the phone. We must talk again sometime soon!

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