Matt Garza talks about his no hitter and his son

In case you missed it like I did, check out Jim Rome’s interview with Matt Garza.

Be sure to listen to the thunderstorm in the background, and what Matt’s son had to say about his no hitter. Kids say the darndist things…


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16 Responses to Matt Garza talks about his no hitter and his son

  1. What in the world? YouTube says the video is not available.

  2. Ro

    I just watched it, right before I posted this. Hmmm. About to go to bed, but I’ll see what I can figure out tomorrow.

  3. Ro

    I just watched it again and it worked on my end. Odd.

  4. This video is not available.

    Not sure who uploaded it, but I bet it has a stupid geo restriction on it. I wish people would stop doing that. there’s a reason it’s called the *world wide* web.

  5. Ro

    Seriously? Bastards. Try turning Java script off.

  6. Wouldn’t turning java script off screw YouTube? And how would turning it off make it not know where you’re located?

  7. Ro

    Java script isn’t Java. It’s what lets Google and other sites know where you are and what OS you’re running. Since I have Java script enabled, sites know I’m a Mac. Erik had to turn on Java script for me to see him on my tracker. Carol has her computer set so that no tracking is done at all. I can ask them for more details. I don’t know if you see it in your tracker, but if you look at individual guests, it might say Java script enabled. Erik has his turned off because he doesn’t want places collecting data and that. Maybe you could go on a search and figure out just how to make yourself invisible. That’s wack that this video is blocked to Canadians.

    When Erik comes online, I’ll run it all by him.

  8. Turning that off doesn’t leave you totally untrackable or untraceable, but it helps. It depends on how sophisticated the tracking is. The kind of stuff we use is pretty basic, but in the case of our tracker it can still tell…there’s actually a percentage of how many people have it turned on. So it knows you’re there, just not everything about you.

  9. Ro

    Ok talking to Erik about this now. On Java script:

    that won’t help because they do it based on their IP address. You can pretty accurately block content by country because there’s a master list of what companies blocks of IPs are assigned to. One way you can get around it is by using a proxy, all that does is make it look like your IP address is different from the one you are using
    some people say there are easy fixes for it, I’ve never dealt with it, let me see what I can find

    So, I’ll post what he finds if it might work. I can’t believe there are bastards who limit their content.

  10. I forgot to mention proxies in my other comments…feeling sick today, brain is foggy. but yeah, that’s what I was trying to say, that the blocking is IP based mostly and the best and probably only way around it is to route your internet use through a proxy.

    You’d be amazed how many companies limit what can be watched where. It happens with music videos, TV episodes…you name it, somebody somewhere has more than likely geo blocked it.

  11. Ro

    That’s just seriously messed up. Erik is working on it. He foun something but we have to see if it’s accessible.

  12. Go ahead and post it anyway, or even just email it to me. If it’s workable with JAWS, Carin and I will figure out how to do it.

  13. Ro

    It’s a website where you can enter blocked sites. So this one is a blocked video from the UK, but the buttons aren’t labeled. It’s like a youtube video. So this isn’t the Matt Garza video. Erik is trying something. If you want to try the tunnel sick, click here

  14. That actually was stupidly easy, and the buttons in the flash player were labelled just fine. Cool. I’ll have to remember this for blocked videos where I can get the url’s.

  15. Ro

    Really???? Shit. Voiceover apparently sucks on this one. Unless I didn’t envestigate enough. But I had no play button. Did you plug in the Garza video?

  16. Still have to try that one, will probably do that tomorrow.

    but yeah, I saw a play button and everything.

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