After last night’s awesome win over the Red sox in which the Rays celebrated a 16-5 victory, the Legend of Sam Fuld tweets really went viral. It all started during the game when Sammy was incredible at the plate and in the outfield. Everyone wanted to give him a nickname and ideas were anything from SuperSam to SuddenlySam and more I can’t remember. I like Fuld Glover but no one else did haha!

I don’t know who started it, but there was a hash tag of #LegendofSamFuld. For those not into the Twitter craziness, a hash tag allows topics to trend.

I just googled #LegendofSamFuld and there are blog posts and articles written about the hash tag, along with what’s trending on Twitter right now. I’m sure you’ve seen all those things about Chuck Norris. I’ve got a friend on FB who always posts things like, ‘tornados don’t exist; Chuck Norris just doesn’t like trailer parks’. They get incredibly annoying.

Well, that’s what the Sam Fuld hash tag is all about.

There was one that read, Chuck Norris retired after he met Sam Fuld. Another one read, the warning track is there to let the wall know when Sam Fuld gets close. I think my favorite one was, he’s going to replace Two and a Half men by himself. There was one last night that said Charlie Sheen will now say Fulding instead of winning. It’s just gone crazy! If you google it, you can see the real time Twitter results.

See, I knew he needed a label here haha!!

Last night he was a single away from hitting for the cycle. In his last at bat, he put the ball in play and sprinted to second base. Some guys would have “fallen” to stay at first with the single to get their names into the record books, but Sam Fuld kept playing the game. When I had Baseball Tonight on later, they said David Price was in the dugout yelling at Sam to stop haha!!

Here’s a video of Sam talking about his first game at Fenway Park.

What an amazing guy. He’s gonna make this season fun, methinks. MLB has changed the fielding award to the Fuld Glove. #LegenofSamFuld

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