Last rehearsal

Tonight is the last choir rehearsal before the concert on Saturday. I am dreading it, because I’m downright exhausted. The weather here has been insane. When I checked iGoogle a bit ago, it said it was 46 degrees. I stayed in all day resting, but tonight is going to be a lot of standing, as we’re doing staging and blocking for the show. B has to drive me since L’s son has a school concert tonight. We’re leaving soon, and I just want to go to bed.

I was going to spend the day at Saavi on Thursday. They’re doing a finger food potluck. But I got to thinking about it, and after I hung out there for that Halloween thing, I got sick. At least I think I got sick after that. I’d have to check the blog but I’m lazy. Anyway, point is, I’m not gonna hang out there, because I’m so afraid of getting sick for the concert. My throat has a little ache to it tonight, but it sometimes does that when I’m having a really bad spoon day.

Playing it safe though. Not gonna risk eating food a bunch of people have touched. I’ve so loved being in the choir, but it definitely takes a lot out of me on Tuesdays, so I certainly don’t want to miss the concert, and my solo.

I don’t know if I’m going to get a recording of it. I hope someone records it, but so far I haven’t heard anything.

Counting down until I can sleep. Won’t be much fun tonight since we won’t really be singing. I think I’m emotionally hungover from yesterday too. Talked to Georgie about the SunVan driver, and we decided the best thing would be if I phoned in anonymously and asked them to do a general reminder. Since I didn’t ask the guy to turn down the music, or turn up the heat, I don’t think it would be right for me to personally report him. Georgie pointed out that unless we give someone the right to amend their behavior, it’s unfair to turn around and report them. That was the real reason I was beating myself up. Because I didn’t speak up in the moment.

I should have expected a bad physical day today. When I let myself get really emotional, it affects me physically. So, I spent the day with Harry Potter and yarn. I’ll get to fall into bed in about 3 and a half hours. Let the countdown begin.


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  1. Hope it goes well tonight. I was thinking we were getting close.

  2. Anonymous

    Now I’m trying this anonymously. Darn blogger! LOL!


  3. Oh, I love holiday music – would love to hear your choir. Agree – the emotional stuff is physically draining as well. Hope you get some good sleep tonight.

  4. Hope it went well tonight! And 46 degrees? Posh! It’s dropping to 30 below tonight and it’s still snowing!

  5. Ro

    Rehearsal was pretty good! The acoustics in the church are incredible. I bombed my solo pretty bad since we worked on the hard songs before we got to it so my throat was all dry. I sang it with the microphone and cracked really bad haha! It’s nice because we’re in groupings for that song, so they pass me a mic, I’m sitting on a stool, I stand up to sing and then sit back down again. Hope I don’t crack it for the concert.

    Carin, Alyssa and I need your help. Her comments weren’t going through at all until she did anonymous. I’m glad you guys ended up on the same comment thread haha! She’s using Jaws. Fix it, Miss Jaws fixer Carin 😉

    And for us desert rats who have lived here the whole time, 40 degrees is cooooold. I would freeze to death in Nebraska 😉

    Becky, I really hope someone records it, but I don’t think I’ll know until after the show. Keep your fingers crossed!

  6. So..where does the problem lie? Is it in moving within the box? I find it helps to hit the link that says comment iframe. Then you don’t have to putz around with that stupid combo box I don’t think. Lemme test that on another comment since when you click on the email ones you get a whole different interface. Alyssa, if you still can’t comment, email me and I’ll see what I can do.

  7. Blogger just hurled. Don’t hurl again. Alyssa, if you can’t comment, tell me where you run into troubles.

  8. This is a test of my theory. First, hit the comment iframe link. It is above the comment editor frame. When you get to the combo box, hit alt down arrow. Then arrow down twice and you hit google. there is a silent spot between select and google account. If you don’t use the iframe link, it will eat your comment before letting you log in. Om nom nom. If you want, log in first. Then you don’t have to contend with the dastardly box.

  9. Ro

    Thanks Carin. I emailed her to let her know these comments are here since I don’t know if she subscribed to comments. I think she had said she didn’t see the link, but I think since you both use Jaws, you can get it figured out. She had left a whole mess of comments, and none of them posted 🙁

  10. Bizarre. My big problem was with not being logged in and then moving the box while I hadn’t hit iframe. Blogger got a heapin’ helpin’ of comments. Mmm…comments. Now I either log in or hit the iframe link.

  11. Ro

    Carin, what’s up with Halo scan? Saw your post on the other list. Please don’t go to that other blog lol.

  12. I won’t, don’t you worry. If I did, I’d be pulling a Miss Function.

  13. I should clarify. If I ported over to the Echo system, I’d be pulling a Miss Function. WordPress blogs are all cool…and I know they allow importing of blogger posts…just ug. I just got this place all spiffied up!

  14. And I profoundly suck. I mean if I went over to the Echo system in its current form. Ug. I’m obviously too tired to write comments that make sanes hahahaha.

  15. Ro

    Hahaha sounds like you got some of my brain fog hehe.

    I got what you meant about being Miss Function.

    And I hate Word Press. Ick. Just ick.

    I can’t believe the epic comment thread might go away. Is there any way to eamil Echo since you can’t seem to post? Man. Totally sucks.

  16. Yup they’ve been emailed. And they’ve been good to us before as far as quick response. Hopefully they respond in a meaningful way. Damn WebAIM has been relatively silent on the matter. I must give ’em time, give ’em time.

    Dead curious, what is it about wordpress that makes you go ug? I’ve never found wordpress sites to be horribly ug-laiden. Do they make Alex cry?

  17. Ro

    I just don’t like the way they’re laid out. They don’t amake Alex cry, I just don’t like them. Labels in odd places, comments not coming up easily, I dunno, I just don’t like it. But, blogger was my first exposure to blogs, so maybe that’s why I like it and hate everything else. I think my favorite thing about blogger is the way it’s so easy to follow blogs, and then everything is right there on my reading list. I don’t have a feed thing, so any non blogger blogs live in my bookmarks and I have to remember to check them.

    I sure hope Echo writes back. I hope there’s a solution. You have to pay for it though?

    Why did you guys not keep using the blogger comments?

  18. Well, the reason we didn’t start using them was because our blog is older than blogger comments! Our blog was older than labels and older than blogger comments! Our blog needs a wheelchair and some dentures! We implemented Haloscan because its interface was nice and clean and woo. Then we donated to them and haven’t had to pay since. Yeah Echo will make us pay, but 10 bucks a year isn’t too bad if we can bend the interface to our will.

  19. WordPress sites are only poorly laid out if people choose to poorly lay them out, which some do. Point taken about blog following though. I don’t use that feature, but it’s nice to have everything in one place. I love RSS for that same reason.

    Yeah…comments. When we started, Blogger didn’t have a comment system of its own so we had to go find one. Haloscan is our second one and we love it. We never bothered to change over to Blogger’s comments when they introduced them for the same reason we don’t want to use them now, we’d lose everything because Blogger won’t allow importing of comments, the tools. There has to be a way to get Echo working, hopefully one as simple as being able to disable the rich text editor I saw. those things are a truckload of no buys when it comes to screenreaders about 99% of the time. We’re working on figuring something out. I’m happy to pay the Echo people if it’s gonna work, but I’m quite unhappy to lose over 6 years of conversation and context because somebody doesn’t know how to build a proper interface.

  20. Alrighty Carin. I’m actually trying from LiveJournal and not Google. I’ve tried both in the past, and both have hated me though. Let’s see if this goes through and if your brain is less foggy today. Haha.Oh and now I’m trying from Google because LJ is saying my open ID credentials cannot be verified? What??? I’ve typed my user name in several times. I know it isn’t wrong!

  21. Ro

    Weird. I wonder if it’s a LJ issue then?

  22. Well, I’ll go try to comment randomly on someone else’s blog. Haha. This should be fun!

  23. Looks like you got it to work.

    I’m more shakey today. I hate what the city looks like after a storm. The motherlovin’ sidewalks were snowbanks. They had cleared the snow from the roads…and put it…on the sidewalk! I was gorrilla rippin’ mad just after trying to go to the mall to finish filling Santa’s bag!

  24. Ro

    Oh no Carin, take care of yourself. Need to play the function game? Maybe you only need to functions, and then you can function after you’ve relaxed 😉

    How did Trixie function in the snow banks?

  25. Poor Carin. Just beat some people up. I think us small people are good at that. Haha, I go after my friend’s fiancee all the time because he constantly pokes me, hits me, or makes funny noises in my ear. Um yeah, the guy is a little nuts. So I grabbed his beard last week. That was interesting and made him leave me alone for the rest of the night, but then he started it up two days ago again, so I told him I should be the flower girl at his wedding because I’m so short, cute and young-looking. His response? “But you’re not a little girl.” “Yeah, but you always treat me like one.” LOL, his girlfriend found it funny considering the way he treats me reminds me of how someone would pick on a kid.

  26. Hahahahha. She tried her best to function, although she did serve the function of saving me from doing a flip flop and fly down some stairs that were buried in snow. She also functioned to keep me very close to the curb as we walked down the road, although she was very angry at me for making that choice. But what was I to do? When she could, she dragged me back up onto the sidewalk so I could hit the audible signal and make it serve its function. hahahahaha. I feel better now. I’ve had oodles of food and I’m all full.

  27. Ro

    Hahahaha!!!! So glad you are functioning better after some food. And give Trixie a hug from me for protecting my favorite Canadian 🙂

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