“Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal” by Christopher Moore – narrated by Fisher Stevens

I think the narration of this book ruined it for me. I can’t even really describe what bugged me about it, other than I just got so sick of hearing the guy’s voice. He seemed to take breaths in really strange places, sometimes making me feel like I’d start to hyperventilate. You know when someone needs to clear their throat, it makes you want to clear your throat? This guy made me want to do some meditative breathing. It’s like he was inserting commas where you know there were no commas. He just drove me nuts! You know what? He almost sounded like my screen reader during long bits of narrative! Also the production of the book wasn’t very good. There would be random bits of Indian music that would make me jump since I wouldn’t be expecting it. It wouldn’t always be placed at the beginning or end of a chapter! And sometimes when leading into the next chapter there wouldn’t be a pause at all. It’s just a shame.

On to the actual book, it was entertaining. Biff is resurrected in present times to write the gospel of what Happened to Jesus between birth and teachings. The book points out there’s about a thirty year gap in Jesus’ life in the Bible, which I had never thought about. I don’t know the Bible except for some of the big stories like obviously Jesus healing the blind and sick, walking on water, etc. I was in a Passion Play when I was sixteen, so I drew on my knowledge of that production a lot.

“Lamb” follows Jesus, called by his Jewish name, Joshua, and his best friend Biff as Jesus realizes he’s the Messiah but has no clue how to be a Messiah. So he and Biff set off to find the wise men and what follows is an odyssey of two boys growing into men, their loyal friendship to one another and what it’s like to grow up when your life is preordained.

Joshua stays true to what must be done to be the Messiah and everything he cannot partake in, Biff indulges in with gusto so Joshua can live vicariously through him and understand what it means to be human. When it comes to women, Biff um, most definitely indulges.

I found it to be an entertaining story of what might have happened to jesus in all those unaccounted years. While I’m sure devout followers of Christ would have a hard time with a lot of it, like Jesus using the f-word for example, I think if you have an open mind coming into this book you’ll enjoy it. When the story nears the end, it stays true for the most part, to what happened in the Bible, offering an interesting possible explanation to the resurrection, sort of. I found it emotional as it showed what Joshua went through and what his friends and followers went through at the end. I just wish I could have read the print version like my friend Chupa is going to do. She’s actually the one who brought this book to my attention.

After “1984”, I needed a book to make me laugh and this definitely made me laugh out loud many times. I just wish the narration and production had been better.

Rating: Meh

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