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I certainly hope L^2 won’t mind a whole post about her 😉

I wanted to write about the photos I ordered from L^2’s Photography Store. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I’ve been doing some home improvement projects and one of them is decorating my bathroom. I decided on purple and green, and I know that Carrot (I call her Carrot, because Alex says “L carrot 2” hehe) likes purple. So I thought about getting some pictures for the bathroom. Our whole discussion happened in a comment thread on her blog, and she recommended a picture of a purple crochet project in progress and a picture of her guide dog, Willow, laying on a purple striped sheet. I asked if she minded her guide dog hanging in my bathroom hahaha! Anyway, I ordered the prints, after she actually uploaded the pictures to her shop, just so I could buy them. That’s customer service. If you read her blog, you’ll get an almost daily sampling of photographs. She gives great image descriptions, too! And if you particularly like a photo, she’ll put it in her shop. She not only sells framed photos, but posters, and even clothing and accessories. Her shop is definitely worth a peak, and you might even be able to request something from her blog that you really like. She had a photo of a braille book laying open, and her description said the light make the bumps actually visible. I think that’s awesome. I’m trying to think where in my house I could hang that. I’ve never been a fan of a particular photographer, thus never collected photography though it was always a passion I never pursued.

My pictures arrived yesterday while Carol was here, and I was so glad to have a girl here to describe them. She said they’re absolutely lovely and exclaimed “how adorable!” when she saw the picture of Willow. She said the crochet picture could be hung many different ways, though the way the frame is, I can really only hang it horizontal, which is fine. The frames are high quality, with little eye hooks on the back, perfect for using picture wire. I’m going to use black yarn. The frame is black with a white matting. I feel very sophisticated having professionally framed photos from a photographer hehe!

Carrot is a wonderful person and her blog is awesome and creative, and she inspires me with her love of photography, her dogs, science and purple. 🙂

I think of all my recent purchases, these are my favorite. They are unique and they are from the creative mind of a friend. Thanks L^2 aka carrot! *hugs*


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  1. L^2

    Oh, wow! *blushes* Ro, you’re so sweet! I’m very glad you like your photos.

    Thanks again, for thinking of my photography for your home decorating.

    And Willow doesn’t mind being in your bathroom, as long as she’s not the one getting a bath! LOL

  2. Ro

    Hehe! That makes me think of the paintings in Hogwarts getting all annoyed when they got cleaned before the students arrived from the other schools lol!!! Hopefully Willow won’t mind when I clean her picture tee hee!!

  3. Awesome! I may have to strole over to L^2’s shop. If she minded that post, she’d have to be insane. It’s a giant plug!

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