Kitty Tales – They’re feeling left out

nOk seriously, all that white thing mom touches all the time talks about is dogs. Dogs dogs dogs. I still don’t know what that is. And now all it says is puppy pool puppy pool puppy pool. Now what the heck is that? I know she’s gonna get this dog thing and I’m already scared. I’m her baby girl. What if she replaces me? And now a puppy pool? Are we getting one of those too?

Anyway, I wanted you all to remember that mom has cats *first* before a dog thing or a puppy pool. I’m Spinelli, and she loves me. Even though I’m getting too big to fit on her arm, she still picks me up and carries me and its so relaxing. Dad tries to pick me up but he doesn’t hold me right, so I’ll get down and then rub his ankles. I love my dad, but I was mom’s present this time last year. Yep, I’ve been here a year and this is *my* house, not a dog or puppy pool house.

I had another heat thing. Mom keeps saying she feels bad because I’m not fixed but they don’t get me fixed. The heat thing is so weird! I still feel all funny and I don’t want mom touching me. When she touches me when I’m hot, I stick my butt in the air. I don’t know if I like it or not. It’s kinda fun cuz I feel like I can chase Timmy all the time and it’s kinda fun to torture him, but it tortures me too because I still want something from him that he can’t give me. But other then the heat thing, life is pretty good. Timmy is kicking me off now.

Finally we get the white thing to stop talking about dogs. I think I know what a dog is. I think it’s like a cat, but I’m pretty sure some of them are bigger then us. And they’re clumsy. You can’t drop a dog because he doesn’t know how to land himself. And they don’t purr. But I know they sleep a lot like us. Mom keeps talking about the dog eating our toys. I hope it doesn’t eat the toys, even though I don’t play with them much. Man, if Spinelli didn’t have the toys, she’d never ever leave me alone. Oh and mom says she’ll have to move our food maybe because the dog might eat it. It better not eat our food. I think I’ll tell Fi to make sure she barfs in the food bowl if the dog is looking interested. Fi barfs in the food bowl a lot. She eats too fast and then woosh it comes right back up. Yuck. I’m glad we have 2 food bowls, because the other one is usually safe until the barf goes away.

Mom is getting really fun since she started those workout things. Before, she always said I was so heavy. Oh, you’re such a big boy, oh geez you’re heavy. Always moaning. But now she likes to throw me around and pick me up and lift me over her head. She says it’s an extra arm workout. But its so fun! When I’m in my lovey mood and she’s by the bed, sometimes I can get her to play if I purr and put my paws on her chest. Then she scoops me up and tosses me all around and I purr and purr and purr. I like the strong arms. She’s fun.

It’s been freaking cold here. What’s with that? All of the sudden cold. I get under the blanket on the couch and its so warm and nice and then Spinelli finds me and won’t leave me alone. Yesterday mom got mad cuz her yarn was on the couch and me and Spinelli were playing and running all over the couch playing “in the trenches” and she kept getting up from the white thing and shooing us away. So we ran all over the house, up and down the couch hit the window and made the blinds rattle, skidded across the table and then I got tired and Spinelli wasn’t so I howled and howled until she got tired too. Its so fun. I guess she’s growing on me. I’m gonna let Fi tell you about our nightly ritual of the bedroom door.

Well, hello mom’s computer friends. I’m sorry you had to be subjected to Timmy and Spinelli’s immaturity. Let me tell you how it is. I can’t wait for the dog. I used to live with a dog and I liked him. timmy and Spinelli have no idea what they’re in for. They think it’s just like a cat. Yeah, no. And mom is getting a very special dog that will take a lot of her attention. Maybe it will make Timmy and Spinelli learn to sleep all day like I do.

I had to move my spot on the bed. I used to lay on dad’s side during the day, but Spinelli lays there at night so I always smelled her. So I’ve moved to mom’s side. Trouble is, I don’t get the warm clothes on me on Saturday. I might need to amend that. Mom almost sat on me yesterday when she was on the phone because she’s not used to me laying there.

I was all cozy on the bed last night when mom came in to watch tv so I had to move a little to give her room. Then dad came in and lay down so I was between them. I love that. Then Timmy and Spinelli have to come in. I really wish I could be alone with mom and dad sometimes. Timmy wasn’t even near me but I got pissy and hissed and chased him off the bed. I don’t lose my cool like that often. Dad left to listen to music and he closed the door with all of us inside. Here we go. timmy lasted about 5 minutes and then got on the dresser and banged his head on the doorknob like he always does, but mom was comfy and ignored him. Dad yelled, I got it! And came and let Timmy out. Spinelli was at the foot of the bed, so I decided to stay. Mom fell asleep and eventually I got hungry and wanted out, but she wasn’t hearing me so I got really loud. I never get loud but I wanted out. She stirred a little but wasn’t letting me out, so I actually howled, which I never do. I think it’s unbecoming of a cat of my age, but I wanted out. Dad came and let me out.

Mom always complains that we go through this every night, so why doesn’t she just leave the door open? We talk abut this every time we’re allowed to get on the blog. Maybe some day she’ll learn.

Oh hey, I know a lot of you are dog people and you do a lot of grooming. And I know dogs aren’t the same, but mabe you can help. As I get on in years, my fur is getting quite oily. It starts to clump, and mom and dad have started saying I have dreads, and they call me Rasta Cat. What do the kids say, I’m not down with that. Mom has to brush me and she actually gets the scissors and cuts the dreads out. I don’t mind at first because it feels nice and I purr a lot but then it gets old and I do my growl meow and swipe at her hand. I always feel bad and she has to stop. Does anyone know what she might be able to do to help my fir not be so oily? Thanks.


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  1. haha you are funny cats!
    Not sure about the oily coat. I don’t know much about cats at all. I know people advise you to change a dog’s food as it gets older. Maybe that’s not the case with cats. Sorry I’m no help.

  2. Ro

    Actually, that might be something to consider. Might be time for some senior formula. Thanks!!

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