Kitty Tales – From Timmy

Mom is really bored today…

Hi I’m timmy. Spinelli decided to get on mom’s lap and give herself a bath, so she’s leaving me alone. Man, she’s annoying. For the longest time it was just me, dad and Fi. And Fi was so boring because she never wanted to play, so I used to wish for a cat who wanted to play. Be careful what you wish for, right? I was so happy when mom started to come around. She lets me love all over her, and thats what I like doing best. I am a lover as mom calls me. I love to rub all over people and I purr really loud. She says I’m like a lawnmower. She usually loves it when I want to love on her, but sometimes she gets annoyed. Its usually when she’s listening to a book and I get between her and the speaker. She tries to shove me away, but I’m a big cat and I almost always win.

I think I have a brother on cat food commercials. He looks just lke me, black and white like a cow, and he’s always loving on people in the commercial. I’m glad I’m not in commercials. That must be boring. I like my life with mom and dad. She was step mom for awhile, but now she’s my mom and she’s all mine. For some reason though, she seems to run into me a lot. Its like she can’t see me anymore. She sits on me a lot, because as soon as she leaves her spot on the couch, I go lay down there because its all warm. Its so funny when she sits on me because she grabs me and fawns all over me asking if I’m ok. I just like the attention.

I’ve really been annoying her at night lately and I realy don’t mean to. Every night she closes her computer and goes and lays down to watch the tv. I love it when she goes to lay down and I always run in there and jump on the bed and meow and purr and put my paws on her shoulder when she’s changing. I can’t wait to curl up with her and put my paws on her face. But that Spinelli runs in too…and she always seems to get to mom first after mom closes the door and gets in bed. So I get annoyed and decide to go hang out with dad on the couch, and I jump up on the tresser and make the doorknob make noise. She sighs and gets up to let me out. Sometimes I want back in like 5 minutes later, so dad lets me in and mom laughs. But Spinellis is still there, so I want out again. Its really funny when she closes the door and all 3 of us are in there. I leave, and then like 5 minutes later, Fi leaves and I can hear mom cursing. Why doesn’t she just leave the door open? Oh well.

I have allergies so I sneeze a lot. I don’t mean to sneeze in her face, but sometimes it just happens! She usually just laughs and shouts my name. Its really hard to sneak up on her because I’ll sneeze and she knows its me.

I’m so happy with mom and dad. Sometimes even Spinellis is fun when I feel like playing. And I love it when mom discovers me and scoops me up and cuddles me. Spinelli will never cuddle mom the way I do. So I think I’ll always be her favorite cuddler. Though she does let Spinelli on her lap a lot more. Maybe I should just curl up and sleep too, but I’m always too happy kneading on mom. I’m hungry now. Oh mom said to say sorry she’s flooding the reading lists today.

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