Kitty Tales – From Spinelli

My mom thinks its really cute when she reads blogs written from the perspective of puppies, whatever they are, so she wants to try the same thing from us cats. Ok. Whatever mom. I was named after a soap opera character. I don’t know what that is either. Does it have something to do with puppies? Anyway, I remember when I was named. I remember that really weird day. There I was, in this glass cage with my sister. We were napping when we heard voices. The shop guy told this other guy that my sister was leaving. Finally, the whole cage to myself. The the other guy said he’d take me. They crammed me into this little box with holes and I did NOT like it. Then the box was moving and it got really bright. The guy put me in this big thing and then there was a funny noise, and then some kind of music. Not like the music in the store, heavy music, like screaming music. I howled. I did not like this, whatever it was. Then the big thing was moving and the music was screaming for awhile and I howled and howled. Then the big thing stopped and my box was moving again. Oh the quiet. I like this place better. I tried to howl but my voice was funny and my throat was scratch.

Then I heard girl voices. A really soft one and another one. I heard the girl say, what the heck, is that a kitten?? And the boy said, Merry Christmas! And then there was lots of noise and the girl was making these squeaking noises and I was taken out of the box. I tried to get away but I was too small and they had me. I was passed around to the two girls and then put back in the box. This time the guy helped the girl out of the quiet place and we were back in the big thing. The music was quieter now and the girl had the box on her lap and was talking to me. We were moving and she was talking about a trip and how could she leave me. Then they talked about my name. Thank God I didn’t end up being Butters, as was suggested. Then the girl shouted, Spenelli!

After all that things got a lot better. They carried me in another quiet place and let me out of the box, but they didn’t pass me around. Cool! Explore time! After I met the other two cats, HUGE cats, things calmed down a lot. I realized these people were my parents. Then they left me for a week and another nice girl came over and fed me.

Its been almost a year, well sort of I think. My birthday is this month, but they didn’t have me right away. I love my mom. I figured out that if she doesn’t know I’m there, she might accidentally wack me or sit on me! She’s gotten better about feeling the couch first, and I try and remember to squeak when I jump up so she knows I’m there. Its fun to play tricks on her though, and not make any noise so I can curl up near her and sleep. As soon as she knows I’m there, the petting and stuff starts. I pretend to be annoyed, but I’m not.

She always laughs because I get on her lap and give myself a bath. She says, why does Spinelli have to bathe herself on my lap? Duh mom, I like to be clean before I take a nap. She’s a girl, doesn’t she understand the need to be clean ALL the time? She says I’m oh seedy, or something, whatever that means, cuz I clean myself so much.

Ok I’m bored with this. I’m gonna go nap or torture the other cats. Oh yeah, mom keeps talking about getting a dog. I don’t know what a dog is, but I think she thinks me and the other cats won’t be happy about it. So I’m a little scared. What is this dog thing she keeps talking about?

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