Kitty Tales – From Fi

My name is pronounced like Fee. My proper name is Ophelia, but everyone calls me Fi. I’m From West Virginia, and I’ve been around a very long time. I used to be another lady’s cat, but back in West Virginia, when I met dad, I knew he was mine. So when they went their separate ways in Arizona, I stayed with dad.

We used to live with dad’s friend, and he had a dog. I liked that dog a lot. I like dogs much better than cats. I’m glad I’m a cat and not a human. Humans are too busy. After we moved in here with mom and her old cat Combat, they both left every day. combat didn’t like Timmy and me. I quickly made the spare room my home. I like it in there. Its quiet and there are lots of places to curl up, because its the storage rom. After a couple months, dad and mom were both home for about a week and a half and I knew something was up. I’ve been around long enough to know these things. Timmy was just happy they were home a lot. Then dad went back to leaving every day, and mom stayed home all the time. But she was different. She moved around the house really slowly and sometimes got lost. She cried a lot, and talked on the phone a lot. Strange people came over, and I don’t like strange people, so I never came out. It was like this for months. Mom would lay down a lot and dad would help her find things on tv before she got good at it herself. And she was never on her computer anymore. She gave it to dad. It was all very sad for awhile.

Then she started something called therapy and she started getting better. I would crawl on her shoulder while she listened to books and she’d walk around with me like that. I was always vry calm with her, just sat by her side and leaned into her and let her pet me. I think she liked my being around, so calm.

Then she got busy again. A strange man came and she had this long white stick. I liked to try and play with the ball on the end. But eventually it was clear that it wasn’t a cat toy. Eventually she started leaving almost every day too, but she’s still home more than dad. And she has a computer again, and it talks. It sounds really funny, not like the humans, but pretty close. She likes to type the word meow and make the computer say it.

I like to just relax in my room and I don’t come out much. That Spinelli gets on my nerves, but we’re friendlier than you might think. When no one is home we play and sometimes when mom and dad are home we play, and they laugh, because I never play with Timmy. But Spinelli looks like me, and I like her ok.

About a month ago, mom started talking about getting a dog!! I like dogs. I hope she gets one. And she sounds so happy when she talks about getting a dog. Timmy and Spinelli don’t know what it is. Boy will they be surprised. I can’t wait!

I think mom will probably tell you about Combat, but I just want to say that I kinda miss that old guy. He was even older than me. He came here when we moved in, and he just wasn’t happy. He was very old and sometimes he cried out in pain. He stayed away from us, and mostly stayed in her bathroom. He left one day, and didn’t come back. Thats never good news.

Anyway, I think I’ll go jump in the tub. I like mom’s tub because it drips, and I like to lick the water. The drip on my head is making my fur on my head all flat, but at this point in life, I know there are more important things than looking good all the time, like Spinelli.

I love my mom and dad, and I like Spinelli and Timmy ok, but I sure hope we get a dog!

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