Killing time

I don’t have anything all that interesting to write, but there are no emails and blog posts and I’m bored and it’s too early to go lay down. Well it’s never too early to go lay down, but I don’t wanna.

B is on the phone with the cable company getting his HD service turned on. His parents sent him a Best Buy gift card, so that combined with some cash and he was able to get an HD tv that was on sale. It’s an off brand, so it was actually affordable. He’s been like a little boy with all that, but didn’t realize he needed a special box for HD channels, so the only thing he’s seen in HD on it is his video game and a really crappy Blueray movie he got.

The day he got the tv just about sent me into a panic attack. I don’t know what is with me lately, but I get like overloaded really easy. I don’t know how else to describe it. It happened at the company party too, with the loud music. All the commotion of him bringing in the new tv and moving the old one and his trying to figure out the stand thing for the new one and all that and by the end I was gonna lose it. He ran out of outlets, so he moved my lamp and I about had a kiniption. Then he mentioned getting a new cat tree while he went out to get a power strip and I burst into tears at the thought of more things being moved, more things changing.

I don’t know what’s up with all that. I think there was just so much going on over the holidays, I have no idea.

So now he’s getting the rest of this set up and I thought I’d better write a post to take my mind off all this stuff.

I’m anxiously waiting for all the stuff I’ve ordered on Amazon. Suddenly the emails started flooding in today letting me know thing’s have shipped. Everything but my ring and the blue blanket I ordered for the couch. So, yay! In a couple days I’ll start getting stuff. I won’t get my ring in time for my birthday more than likely, but I should get my new bed set. It was fun getting those emails today.

All I did today was listen to Harry and crochet. I’m on the 5th book again. The baby blanket is almost done, and then I’ll be starting an adult blanket. I really should have worked out today. Still stuck with working out at home until things resume normalcy on the 4th. I’m still feeling pretty blah mentally.Hmmm, just realizing there’s been a lot of change lately and I never do well with change. I don’t talk to Carol much right now since she’s out of town and I don’t talk to Carin much since she’s out of town so you take away the two people I talk to a lot, or in Carin’s case, read a lot haha, and I’m at a loss. At least Georgie hasn’t been out of town yay!

Oh I spoke at a treatment facility Saturday night, so that was great.

Well, apparently there’s stll issue with this new HD box, and I’ve run out of things to type, so I’ll go back and edit and post and maybe it’ll be done. Wish me luck.


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  1. Ro, I can sympathize with you, somewhat. I mean from the sighted end. Weird, but I realize that Stormcrow can’t handle or don’t like me moving things around, he too has a kiniption.
    When we had our dinner party, HE wanted the sofa moved and everything moved here and there. “I” went crazy knowing this was not good for HIM.
    That night at 11 pm I was moving the sofa and tables back to normal just so he’d be okay in the morning. 🙂
    So I can sympathize a little with what you must be going through. Just tell B, that change really throws you off! He won’t know unless you tell him.
    I’m still here for ya! 🙂 You talk away! Or write. lol

    jnoi *hugs*

  2. Ro

    It’s weird. It was less the moving stuff, and more the commotion.. It’s like I totally get overwhelmed with a lot of noise and commotion. I let him know what was going on, so tonight when he was calling in about getting the HD thing working, he stayed very calm and quiet. He is definitely great about really watching things get get to me. Must be the social worker in him tee hee. It’s all taken care of now. The tv in the bedroom wasn’t working. I’m glad he had the foresight to check it. I felt the panic welling up since I go relax with tv in bed at night, but he took care of it and now it’s fine. I sure hope I’m not developing an anxiety disorder on top of everything else. Time will tell I suppose. Awwww and now Spinellis is all curled up on my lap hehe. She’s getting so big. It’s like she knows when mom needs a cat 😉

  3. Sometimes, I keep the TV on when I’m getting ready in the morning, and this morning, there was a woman who was talking about holiday stress. She said the holidays are a time when we all spend a lot of money, then feel bad about spending all that money. We feel too busy, have too many social obligations, too many expectations. We spend more time with relatives, which can often be a stressful thing. Schedules and normalcy get all out of whack, plus we eat a lot of crap and feel fat. And we have expectations that the holidays should be this spectacular, magical time–and then we feel letdown when it’s not.

    I don’t know if that’s some of what you’re feeling, but that’s what it reminded me of.

    Anyway, there’s my armchair psychoanalysis. Free of charge! Enjoy snuggling with the kitty!

  4. Yup the noise noise noise! Remember that line in The Grinch who Stole Christmas? And he wasn’t even blind! lol
    Our Thanksgiving was like that with all the people,commotion and noise at his family’s house. He said, “I had a really hard day.” I said, “But you didn’t do anything.” He said, “All that noise is very tiring, trying to listen to too much at one time.” hmm… I had never thought of it that way. So I try to be sensitive to his needs. But it still hasn’t shut the JabberJaws up in me! lol

    Glad to hear the HD is working and all will be calm again on the Ro Homefront. 🙂


  5. Ro

    Mimi, I think that just about summs it up, yep. Except the money part lol! But everything else, for sure.

    JayNoi, the noise factor is definitely an issue. It’s really hard to zero in on conversation when it’s loud. You don’t realize how much you look at a person to focus on them. And our hearing is so much more in tune now. It’s not that hearing gets better, but we’ve started using it for everything. Every little noise means something. I can hear when B leaves or enters a room, or when a cat is eating. So I get used to those every day sounds and it doesn’t bother me to interpret them. Add in noise and commotion and the brain has to process even more sound. Stormcrow hit the nail on the head when he said he was exausting. It’s definitely exausting.

  6. I sort of know what you mean. I have this table that i absolutely don’t want moved. I know where it is, and i like it there. It is at the wall with a window either side of it. My sis keeps saying she wants to move it since we share a room, but i get really narky so she doesn’t move it.

    I’m not too bothered with noise, but i just don’t like when it’s really crowded, and just get really irritated with people being so ignorant, but i don’t show it.

    I hope you’re okay soon. Yeah i am really really bored too.

    Since you’re so bored, have you tried something like MSN messenger, or can you get that for a mac? Have you also tried something like skype?

    Take care, and i hope this week flies in. I hate not doing something.

  7. Ro

    I really only get bored at night when B is home and the tv is all on sports channels. During the day when I’ve got my place to myself, I’m rarely bored lol. I do have a chat program but I only use it for a few friends. I used to chat all the time, but now I’m such a multi tasker I’d rather not have too many chat windows open lol. I know I’ll start feeling more normal once my schedule gets back to normal after all the holidays. One more week to go.

  8. I know how you feel, I’m the same way when there’s a lot of commotion. I get so tired of asking what was that noise, or what’s happening now? We have one more family gathering tomorrow, then hopefully things can just stop for a while.

  9. Ro

    We have no more gatherings. I was invited to a New Year’s party but I’m not gonna go. I’m feeling quite anti-social as of late and am content with staying in where it’s arm and safe. things will get back to normal soon.

  10. You know, it’s funny (ironic) I’m sighted and can’t stand all the commotion! lol Okay a family get together is fine but five in a month??? Hold on there pardna!

    Our Christmas was not about money, usually never is, I get frustrated that people forget the reason for the season and make it into a hustle and bustle feeding frenzied,gift giving spectacle of a show. lol I lose weight when stressed and over the holidays, I never gain weight. (good thing too) lol

    Christmas was everything I expected! I spent it with family and it was awesome! 🙂

    Now go have a quiet day without b! When he gets home jump in the tub for a few hours. lol *wink*


  11. Ro

    I like being generous when I can throughout the year. Since I’m not a kid anymore, Christmas is kinda just another day for me. What is has become is a reason for my Grandma and I finally to get the family together. We only meet up for birthdays for the rest of the year.

    Not being Christian, it’s not a religious holiday for me. But I respect it as a very special day in deed for those who celebrate it as such. Today I am happy because i got my 4 matching couch pillows. Matching. I’ve always wanted matching couch pillows for as long as I’ve had my own place. And now I have them. I guess this year I’m finally treating myself after so many years of strife and adversity. That’s what this year is for me. And in my own way, I’m grateful for my own faith and the fact that it’s that faith that has gotten me through all these years and gotten me to a place of treating myself to matching pillows =D

  12. Another WOOHOO! Your matching pillows arrived! Now you can rest assured it is all uphill from here on out! 🙂


  13. Ug I hate it when folks move stuff and don’t tell me. It’s like that joke by that blind comedian whose name I’ll probably butcher. It sounds like Gord Painter, but that can’t be it. Now that I’ve said that, it probably is. Anyway, his joke is “When my girlfriend gets mad, she doesn’t yell, she just moves the furniture.” It’s so true. I remember when we had one New Years party and a guy came over who we called Box of Rocks. He kept moving stuff, and I bent over, expecting a garbage can to be down low, and waaack! Head? Meet Garbage can! I was so mad that without a word, I went over to him and gave him a royal chewing. The guy was so dumb, he remained unphaised and continued to move our shit. Let’s just say Box of Rocks will never be back.

  14. Ro

    B doesn’t do it on purpose, but the other day he didn’t put the computer chair back so when I went to leave the living room, I wacked into it with my bare foot. Owwww it freakin hurt. He felt really bad. I haven’t had anyone do it on purpose. It was funny though, at Saavi, right after I got really comfortable there. They put a tv in the lobby and rearranged the furniture. At the blind center. Cahnged the furniture. I go to find the chair and it’s a coffee table. For a week I said they pulled a bad Helen Keller joke on us.

  15. Carin, you had to bring up old box of rocks, didn’t you? I rarely legit want to punch somebody, but that weekend there was nearly a murder. It was funny all these people I’d known for years saying to me dude, I don’t think I’ve ever really seen you angry like that before. I’ll give myself credit though, I never yelled. I just in my own way made it clear that if he didn’t stop pissing people off that when they came for the dumpster in the morning he’d be in it. Whatever I did must have put the fear of god in him, because he wouldn’t even turn around for a snow storm.

  16. He was even afraid of me, because he’d walk in these little tippy toe patterns to avoid me. Strange little man.

  17. If he has any sense which I can’t say for certain he does he’d be afraid of you for sure. You’re small, but you’re mighty.

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