“Killing Floor” (Jack Reacher Book 1) by Lee Child – narrated by Dick Hill

I met Jack Reacher in the ninth installment of his series so it was nice to start at the beginning.

It would be kinda neat to go about life like a leaf blowing on the wind (I’m totally picturing Nell), moving from town to town by bus, meeting interesting people along the way, seeing the country, being free. Jack Reacher has decided to have the kind of free life he never had before, not because he’s a criminal, but because he was raised in a military family, constantly moving at the whim of the United States government. It was the only life he knew so he too went into the military. Upon his (escape) discharge, he embraced the life of a nomad.

Too bad for Jack then, that he happens to decide to get off the bus and hike along a road to a little town where a musician is said to have died. Maybe he’ll look into the story of the musician. Unfortunately, he stumbles right into one of the first murders the town has seen in years and he is the prime suspect. No ID, no address, no job, a man just passing through wearing a long dark coat. Reacher has no idea what he’s gotten himself into. One thing he does know is that female cop over there is rather gorgeous…

Ok and why on earth is every single building, street and even tree absolutely perfect? Stepford Wives anyone?

I’m hooked on this series. The character of Jack Reacher is a smart alec sarcastic jerk who knows how to fight. Every woman’s dream, right? Oh, he’s got a tender side, don’t worry.

Rating: So good!

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