Kicking off NaBloPoMo with an Incomplete Dentist Story

Hello reader! It’s November first. So? It’s the day after Halloween? Yes, it is the day after Halloween but it’s also the day that officially kicks off National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo. I participate in this every year and you can click the NaBloPoMo links below to check out the last Novembers. Bloggers can submit their blog to a website to make it totally official but the first year I wanted to do this, the website wasn’t accessible. So I’m a rogue NaBloPoMo participant, or something.

Things aren’t kicking off the way I had planned because I have an emergency dentist appointment today that I scheduled yesterday due to increasingly unbearable mouth pain. Fun! Last night the pain was throbbing between my jawbone and up into my left ear. Can we say ow?

I have not been to a dentist since I was a teenager on my parents insurance. Actually that’s a lie. I had an emergency tooth yanked back in 2005 and not long after that, my first eye went blind (on the same side as the yanked tooth) with my first big MS Flair. So that’s a fun memory to have in the back of my mind going into today! Shut up, fear.

Why haven’t I been to a dentist regularly? It’s expensive. Even with my good job, my dental insurance was severely lacking. In fact when I went to have that tooth yanked, I was told my insurance covered that doctor but oopsie! We were wrong, you’ll need to pay us cash for that tooth extraction. When I worked for the doctor, I had fabulous dental! I had plans, so many plans, insurance was active after ninety days and I went blind a month later. Oh darn. Sorry teeth.

I now have this incredible insurance through United Healthcare for my part B coverage and they offer dental! Wait, dental on government insurance? That’s unheard of if you aren’t a child. I know, right? Unfortunately I haven’t taken advantage of it for the two or so years I’ve had it. I literally forget I can see a dentist now and have it covered. Sometimes all it takes is some intolerable pain to make you reach for the hand offering help.

Yesterday I called Carol’s dentist. She had given me his info quite awhile ago, having discovered him while she was dog sitting for her bestie. Carol and I have the same insurance, so it was awesome to take away the hurdle of trying to find a dentist. The receptionist was awesome, looking up my insurance while we were on the phone so I can walk in today and go immediately to x-ray. She wasn’t phased in the slightest when I mentioned the blind and guide dog thing.

So I’m excited for the novocaine. I’m putting the rest of the fear aside and focusing on the relief I’m hopefully going to have in a few hours. Not what I had planned for the first NaBloPoMo post, but it’ll do. I’ll hopefully add more to this tonight and post. It’s now 8:42am.

Ok so I got distracted and found a shiny link just now because I ran a quick edit of what I just wrote and while my computer kept auto correcting “bestie”, it left “novacaine” and just said misspelled. So I googled for the correct spelling and discovered that dentists no longer use novocaine and haven’t for thirty years. It’s now 8:53.

Ok I just turned the auto correct off on my Mac because it refused to leave the word “bestie” in that second time. What the heck is a bister? I’m not going to get distracted by that. It’s now 8:58am.

It’s 4:40pm and I’ve been home for forty minutes. I blame all my stupid time keeping in this post for my paratransit woes. I really do not want to write any more on this post after the day I had. What a kick off to NaBloPoMo haha!

Lesson for the day: Never leave the house without your debit card and/or $40 cash in case you need a cab.

Lesson Two: Floss every single day. Every day. Just do it.

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