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I had stopped checking my stat counter for quite awhile. For a long time it was mostly people asking how to stop their iPhone from talking. I’ve been tempted to delete that post. I’ve been up too long today, killing time before the Rays game so I went and checked the counter and there were some good ones. I had a few queries saved that I had forgotten about too, so here ya go.


19 Nov when you think of crochet, you actually think of


26 Nov the woman to stop talking on my iphone 4

26 Nov where sells dooveys in reading?

*What bought sheets on hiking?

29 Nov 『What do you think you will find in japan

*People and trees and water and computers and food and…

29 Nov would you know if there was a burglar in your roof

*In or on your roof? Your roof in Japan perhaps?

24 Dec cat xxxpic

*Another search for kitty porn.

25 Dec “myself look pregnant”

*Just a little bit?

28 Aug lady doggy style blogspot

*I don’t want to know.

26 Aug what is the purpose of michael connelly in writing the last coyote

*Was this a question asked of you in school? Like an essay prompt? Answer: Because the Harry Bosch series is totally awesome.

15 Aug the whoa blogger

*Whoa, who’s that?

14 Aug

*This search happened five times. I don’t understand.

9 Aug bum cushion


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