Keyword Gems (aka They Landed Here)

They searched, and landed here.

9 Apr +”i had to pee” +”there was not enough time to find a bathroom”

* +”what were you hoping to find with this search?” +”I wish you’d finish the story cuz I really want to know what happened next”

12 Apr everyone loves sam fuld

*That sounds like a new TV show

12 Apr screen reader nonsense

*Makes sense to me.

23 Apr evsn longoria

*Evan. E-V-A-N. Evan.

22 Apr sam video catch fuld love life

*Ro blanket tangles crochet yarn

9 May “human vet”

*I should hope so. Wouldn’t want to take my dog to a chimp vet.

9 May waffles tick

*Case of the syrup bomber

6 May who on the commercial with the little boy walking thur the

*Movie with man run with dog in

5 May hi i’m matt joyce

*Matt? Are you ok? I’m Ro by the way. You called me from FanFest…

5 May duck graceful but paddling like hell

15 May Wow me cat xxx pic

*Looking for kitty porn?


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3 Responses to Keyword Gems (aka They Landed Here)

  1. Hey, maybe the guy lookking for a bathroom was the guy who was just about to pee off the roof when his roomy…

  2. I need to start blogging again just so I can laugh at crap like this! LOL!

  3. Ro

    I had to pee + there was not enough time to find a bathroom + so I decided to pee off the roof and right when I was going to my roomie…

    Nice one Carin haha!

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