Just random stuff nothing of any importance ;)

Because I’m getting addicted to blogger and don’t really know what I’ll write, so its just random stuff 😉

Its Saturday morning and in a bit, my ride to the women’s group will be here. This is a big leap for me, because I hardly know this woman, yet I’m trusting to go out with her. When I first went blind, I was incredibly picky about who I’d go places with, because its a major trust thing, to pretty much be at the mercy of others. But now that I’m so used to being guided, and really know how to properly teach someone to guide me, its really no problem. I still keep my cane out in front of me so that I know of major abstacles, unless its my boyfriend or someone I’ve been out with a lot. So I’m glad I’m going to this group today, for sure.

Yesterday the weather was finally nice in the morning, so I was able to leave the door open to just the screen and get some fresh air. And the cats were thriled, since they love getting air too, and looking out the door. I’m gonna need to get my sweaters washed up soon! Yay!

In AZ, when the weather starts cooling off, everyone is sooo happy. It must be the opposite of places that have crazy winters. Those people are probably so happy to have summer start. Out here, the summers are dreaded, at least the really hot months. I can’t wait to leave the house and not melt and wilt and whither!

I haven’t crocheted in a really long time, and thats not necessarily a good thing, since I had wanted to get all those blankets donated for Christmas. I need to finish the edging on the camoflage blanket, and start on the hot pink blanket, and then I’m ou of yarn. I can definitely get those done before December if I don’t get totally addicted to blogging……….

No new blogs this morning on my reading list. Maybe thats why I’m talking about nothing. t kinda cracks me up that the GDB blog is so hard to follow using a screen reader, seeing as how they’re organization helps blind people…I really like it when people describe their pictures. Its so annoying to just hear “image” over and over. But when someone puts a description or titles the picture with some sort of description, that is so helpful.

I wonder if my cats know something is up as far as another animal coming to live here…that is going to be soooo hard to leave them for a month if I get accepted. And then I come home with another animal. Yikes, I hope they’ll be ok.

I should probably get around to telling more of my blind story here sometime. But on days where I’m not “feeling” what I want to write, I get blogs like this one hahahahaha!!!!!

Oh dear, I went to post and realized one of the things I was gonna mention. I am still learning blogger and on one of the blogs I read, I was really paying attention tot the way she tags her posts, because I noticed she had a list of tags er, labels, on her main page. So I finally understood what the tags are for so I went back and edited some of mine, like the Doggy Diaries, because I had spelled Doggy Doggie in some cases, and I realized that later I an click on Doggy Diaries and pull all the posts. So I’m working on the tags. Then, I couldn’t figure out how she got the list of labels on her profile, so I’m looking all over the place, and finally looked in help but it wasn’t really helpful then figured out it must be a gadget, and sure enough, there’s a gadget so I added the gadget go go gadget labels. So once all my labels showed up, I ralized there are labels I shouldn’t have done, like authors and stuff that I don’t read on a regular basis, so now I’m gonna go through and edit all my labels. At least I’m realizing this now, and not a month from now when I have a zillion blogs to edit.

And that, is how I tend to ramble, and I’m not gonna edit, because its early and I’m still on my first cup of coffee and I don’t feel like going back and editing, so typos so sorry!

How’s that for a pointless ramble?


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  1. R, you should definitely tell your story here, would love to hear it.

  2. R

    I know bits and pieces are written here, in earlier posts, but I haven’t told much of my story since before going blind, so I will definitely think about working on that!

    Thanks for reading!

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