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Mondays are killer for me lately. I have my workout in the morning, and then an hour break, and then cooking class for 2 hours. The workouts I love, the cooking not so much.

I got up and had my coffee, and then had a lot of phone calls. I like to get all ready at least an hour before my van comes to pick me up. B is off this week, so he was still sleeping when I left at 10, lucky! I got to Saavi and get to head back to the gym right away. I love going back to the gym. My trainer Lisa was there, and Glenn, who is a sighted trainer, doing his blind fold training on Mondays. So when I heard is voice, I asked if he was blind today. He said yes and I giggled. Hehehe call me evil, but I enjoy having a sighted guy under blindfold. He thinks its fascinating and is enjoying everything he’s learning. But, he gets to take the blindfold off after 6 hours. I just like picking on him.

I stretched and hopped on the treadmill. My goal today was to beat my last time of a little over an 8 minute mile, and today I did it in 7:47. I just walk it, no running for my poor knees.

After cardio, I do my major stretching, and then head to the weight room. today we increased my weight and sets on most of the machines, so that was a good feeling. I’m definitely taking to this like a fish to water! After weight training, I stretched some more and then Lisa and I sat on the elevated stretch matt and chatted for a bit.

I was bummed when my friend Stephan wasn’t in the lobby already, like he usually is. We usually hang out before cooking. Stephan was my first real blind friend. We both met at Saavi and he’s like a little brother to me. Instead, I chatted with a new lady, who I hadn’t met yet. We had a nice talk about guide dogs and doctors. Soon it was time for cooking.

I’m not too thrilled with group cooking class. There is one teacher there who I had for Stars, who I learned a lot from. She’s been blind since birth. I actually keep trying to fool her, disguising my voice but she always knows its me hehe. Anyway, she doesn’t teach the cooking class. We do some interesting recipes, but trying to chop and prepare ingredients after working out, and being in the kitchen with 3 other visually impaired people, working with different stuff in a different kitchen, just isn’t so fun. I can get around it just fine without my cane, but I wash my hands a lot, and where the counter is, is not convenient to the sink. And today we made burgers with all these ingredients and lots of prep, and they weren’t as good as my simple burgers that I make with onion soup mix. So I have one more cooking class next week, and I don’t think I’ll continue with any more. I’ve got the basics now, its time to play in my own kitchen.

B is off this week, so he came to pick me up, so I could show him around Saavi. It was neat, showing him how independant I am somewhere other than home. He was surprised at how big Saavi is, though to me, it seems smaller now that I’m so comfortable there.

An interesting conversation I had with the lady on my break. We were talking about how blessed we are, all the services we have here. At Saavi there are so many services. And we have SunVan, a transportation service for persons with disabilities. I’m so grateful for that, because I don’t have a nearby busstop, and in the summers, the heat is too bad for my MS to be taking the bus. We were talking about how we’ve chatted with people in other areas, and how limited they are. I really am lucky to have what I have here.

Have I talked much about Saavi? I don’t think I’ve really gone into much detail about how amazing it is. I’ve mentioned O& M of course and cooking, braille and the workouts, but I could also take copper tooling, which is making tactile pictures out of copper, with a mold and a metal tool. Eventually there will be AT or Assistive Technology, where I’ll learn Jaws. They have an alumni group, which I qualify for since I graduated Goals and Stars. I could go every thursday for the Alumni meetings, but I haven’t done that yet. They have outings and events and stuff. Saavi also brings in presentations, like Guide Dogs, all the different schools, and ACB and AFB affiliates. What else. Oh they also have a developmentally disabled program, for people with developmental disabilities obviously, and a Stepping Out program, where they actually provide housing and training for youngsters getting out of their parent’s house and going to school. There’s a weaving group, where the women weave rugs and all kinds of stuff. There’s a store, with everything and anything we might need as blind people, talking watches to talking scales and I don’t even know what else.

Saavi is an amazing place. It has given me my life back. They are hurting a bit with all the economic stuff, since they get a lot of government funding. I hope they can stay afloat…

Anyway, now I’m just home with B, he’s on his laptop which used to be mine haha. The Phillies are playing the Rockies. I was rooting for the Rockies since they are the underdog, but B pointed out that the best chance of beating the Dodgers will be the Phillies. He’s getting really into the game. My Angels don’t play until Friday.

I do enjoy it when B is on vacation. Its nice to have him home. His birthday is Thursday, so I’m taking him to the Melting Pot for fondu on Wednesday evening. Eating fondu blind is quite the experience 😉

I think I better go read some braille since I have to have Goldilocks finished by next Wednesday, when my teacher returns with her new guide doggy.

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