“John Dies at the End” by David Wong – narrated by Stephen R. Thorne

This book was so incredibly bizarre and unlike anything I’ve ever read before. Being a fan of cracked.com, I was constantly seeing this book mentioned because one of the website’s writers, David Wong, wrote “John Dies at the End”. I discovered that Audible had it and added it to my wish list. I can’t remember when I actually got the book, but I had it on my iPod and was considering starting it soon when B watched the movie one night. When I realized what it was, I put music on in my headphones so I wouldn’t hear the movie and spoil the book, and decided I’d read it next. As I was listening, B would often hear bits and pieces of the book and we would compare what each of us knew. From the sounds of things, the movie and the book are quite different.

Since the title tells us that John dies at the end, I tried hard not to like him but I found that pretty impossible. He’s just a likable character, reminding me of myself in my early twenties, bouncing from job to job, being highly interested in partying and the opposite sex, and the narrater read the character in such a way that really matched John’s personality.

Parts of this book were so over the top unbelievable that I found my mind wandering at the absurdity of it all. David Wong writes the book in the first person from his own point of view as he’s talking to a reporter interested in the insane paranormal situations David and John find themselves in and how they help other people, quite like a modern day Ghostbusters duo with a stoner Hardy Boy detective mix, only not as cheesy as that sounds. Just as I was unable to suspend my beliefs any further and consider turning off the book, the reporter had the same idea, stopping John mid story. I must say, that was creepy, to be feeling the same way the reporter was feeling!

It’s almost like this pause gets David back on track and the story gets a little more believable and good again. Bizarre I tell you.

If you read this book, I wonder if you’ll ask yourself where the dog is all the time, like I did. Where’s the dog? Wait, where’s the dog? Oh, there she is.

I enjoyed this book! It was way out of the norm for me, but it was definitely entertaining. I also had fun comparing notes with B and discovering how different the book and movie were. This book also told me what to read next. I’m not even kidding. It really did.

Rating: Entertaining

(If you have a weak stomach, be forewarned)

“John Dies at the End” at Audible ~ “John Dies at the End” at Amazon”

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