Jing woof dot ouch ding

My braille teacher called this morning and told me she was sick and wouldn’t be in today. I had braille scheduled at ten and then my workout at eleven, and I couldn’t get my ride rescheduled, so I just went in and hung out.

I was going to sit and review the braille, but I just couldn’t concentrate with all the talking going on nearby, so I packed up and sat in the lobby for a bit, chit chatting with whomever was near.

At about 10:20 I decided to head back to the gym early as I have on Mondays, since SunVan usually gets me there early. Normally I hop on the treadmill, but they were both occupied, so I got on the bike to wait until one opened up. I did about ten minutes on the bike and then got on the treadmill. I hadn’t stretched enough though, so when I got up to speed, my left hamstring was hurting. So I stopped and stretched it out and then got back up to speed. I think I did like 4 or 5 minutes before I stopped to stretch.

So I usually only do one mile on Mondays, but ended up doing ten minutes on the bike, 4 minutes on the treadmill, stop, do a whole mile. I beat my time again, and did the mile in 16 minutes and change.

I got on the stretching mat and stretched, feeling fine. But man when I got on the leg lifts, I was sure she had added weight. Nope. Same weight. I struggled through. Then same with the low row. Then the decline sit ups killed me. Then the tricep pull killed. The lat pull wasn’t so bad. Torso twist went ok. Hamstring curls killed. I didn’t even add any weight! Lisa said it was probably the extra cardio, and also the scrub the floor work out last week. Just call me Daniel Son.

I sat in the lobby after waiting for my van and I was so tired. This guy kept wanting to talk to me. Kept saying things like, “you can do anything you put your mind to, you don’t know what you can do” all this stuff, and I’m thinking, dude, if only you read my blog…ok, I shouldn’t have gotten on a high horse, but he was preaching to the choir, and I just wanted to rest. I get pissy when I have a fatigue day, and thats what this day turned in to.

My driver was right on time and I came home and collapsed. Ate some lunch, then turned on the computer. Ding! Lots of emails. Wow. I went through them pretty quickly, and then decided to look at the hated Sleighbells…

My beloved friend and choir mate Lori, typed up just the second soprano words so that I could have them in a linear fashion, without all the repeats. So I set to work. Its making a little more sense, but I still get lost.

A few weeks ago, the director was working on 3 troublesome notes, and she said to assign them nonsense words, and it worked like a charm.

So I put the Sleighbells music on and sang “this song is a pain in the ass this song is a pain in the ass” over and over. It helped!

Then I reviewed the other songs and the email kept dinging, winging, teaming, oh wait, thats the Sleighbells song. The email ding fits right in with the song, as we go along we go along…jing jing jing…


Got caught up with my reading list. Karen, you blog more than I do sometimes!

Sent an email to my new GDB list about some doggy questions.

Sent an email to GDB asking about my medical info, because I want to know if there’s any footwork to be done on my end. If those eye docs screw this up…

I’m in a good mood, I swear. I’m just incredibly tired. I overdid it today in the gym, and my MS is pissed.

*To my future guide dog – Don’t think I’m complaining. This is all for you, dear. I’m conditioning so I can take you on long walks and busy routes. Because of you, I’m getting in the best shape of my life. I purposely didn’t put the Doggy Diaries subject or label on this post, because all those posts are totally happy and joyous. I just want my future eyes to know that this is all so incredibly worth it! Love you, future pooch! Are you at school now, training like I am?*


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6 Responses to Jing woof dot ouch ding

  1. Hahaha. Looks like you’ve met your blogging match hahah!

    You always find a way to make me giggle.

    Good luck with all the gym work and jinga linga ringa jing jing jinging.

  2. R

    Oooh man the song is slowly getting there. Lori said her old band director said the beginning and end are the most important. In that case, I’m cool. Its the middle of the song that is just killing me.


  3. Some people work out hard because they want to wear a bikini or impress a certain someone. But you work out for your future guide dog! That’s just too sweet.

  4. R

    I wouldn’t complain about the perk of wearing a bikini 😉

  5. Poppy the puppy is impressed that you are putting so much thought into your life with dog. She hopes that there is someone out there preparing for her as she is doing her best to learn all that she needs to know to be a great guide (if that’s what she wants to do with her life). As a puppy raiser, it makes my heart happy knowing that you already love and adore your future guide. That’s what I want for my babies!

  6. R

    Hi Poppy the Puppy!

    Welcome to my blog, wow I’m suddenly getting even more wonderful visitors hehe. I am definitely in love with my future dog, thats for sure. I feel like I’m expecting a baby…in fact I think that will be the topic of my next post, feeling like I’m expecting a baby tee hee!

    good luck in your endeavors and if you decide to be a guide, lovely! If not, you will still be a wonderful pet or buddy or therapy dog or whatever you little heart desires! Because you are being raised by one of those special people, who love you like their own, even though your aim is to help another. How could a dog not turn out fab with someone like that raising them?

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