“Jaws” by Peter Benchley – narrated by Erik Steele

The movie left out a lot of character development from the book and I can understand why. For me the only likable character was the shark. Perhaps it’s just bad timing for this book, following some of the best books I’ve listened to so far this year. It’s impossible to know if I could have cared about the characters at all had I listened to this at a different time.

There were a couple good hart pounding moments with the shark but not many. I found it interesting when we were in the head of the shark and wished Benchley would have continued with that POV for all the attacks. I want to play the movie now just to regain some of the enjoyment I got from it in the past. I’m not sure I’ve ever thought a movie was better than the book, wow. At least, the characters were more likable in the movie, that’s for sure. At least the narrator was good.

Rating: Meh

At least Shark Week on The Discovery Channel is coming soon!

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