I’ve got a crush

Today has been a good day. Nothing really all that different; a typical workout day. But I have a major crush on the driver I had this afternoon. I’ll get to that in a bit.

Since I’ll now be doing an additional workout on Fridays, I weighed in today. I’ve hit a wall as far as weight loss goes. I think when I started working out last year, I was 180. I’m holding steady at 160. I had gotten down to 157 a few months ago, but now I’m sitting pretty at 160. I know a lot of that is muscle weight, and the cool part of it all is, even when I have a low spoon month and don’t exercise as much, I’m not gaining, so that’s awesome. But the goal this whole time has been 150 so that’s the aim. I won’t go below that because for my frame, that’s a good weight and while I’d like to be thinner than I am now, I want to stay strong and solid. So now we can watch the scale after I add in the workout on Fridays here at my home gym.

Last week I tried an experiement and called Wednesday to schedule my paratransit. You can call a week in advance and I was hoping I’d get a better schedule that way. It’s been later and later that I get home, making an hour and a half workout into a three plus hour ordeal. Monday went a little better but still not great so this afternoon when I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting, I started getting frustrated. I don’t know why it’s suddenly taking longer.

I was chatting with my old braille teacher since she was giving someone a sewing lesson nearby. She also switched her guide dog to Blue Buffalo, so we were talking about that. She kept the food at the same amount as the SD so her dog has put on some weight. She’s decreasing down to a cup twice a day, and her dog is smaller than Jayden, so I think 1 cup twice a day for Jayden is going to be just fine, just like the lady at Blue Buffalo recommended.

I was sitting there waiting for my ride and I heard something that was familiar but didn’t quite get my attention in time. It was B’s ring tone and I had missed his call. I called him back right away and he had forgotten I was at the gym. I told him I was waiting waiting waiting for my ride and he said he was right up the street and could come get me. I was unsure since I’d have to call and cancel the paratransit, but decided what the heck? I tried calling and didn’t get through and the driver showed up. I told him my boyfriend was coming and I tried to cancel the van but I’d call my boyfriend and cancel. The driver told me it’s no problem and asked if I was sure my boyfriend would be there. The driver actually seemed relieved lol. I know they are on a tight schedule. I felt bad because he had already come but he said not to worry about it.

So my handsome driver this afternoon was B hehe! We’re gonna try to do lunch on Wednesdays now, since he realized it actually fits in with his schedule quite nicely. So I’m excited about that. A lunch date with my hubbyish once a week? I’ll take it. =D


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  1. OMG! You said Hubbyish! Thats against the rules! What have you done with my RO! lol

  2. Ah, sweet. That sounds like a fun mid-week activity.

  3. Ro

    Haha, what’s wrong with hubbyish?

  4. You’ve been domesticated! I didn’t think that was your hubbyish, just your bf? Oh, no! RO has been domesticated everyone run and hide! lmao!

  5. Ro

    Oh I’ve been domesticated for awhile. I’d love to marry him but a. he hasn’t asked and b. you know about legal marriage affecting benefits. But, I’d love it if we wore rings and were spiritually married. Don’t think he’s into that, though.

  6. O woe, for a second I thought you were going to talk about a different man. LOL Glad it is still the same one. You know getting married only effects social security, not SSI. It also depends on his type of job. But they do not leave you hanging. You just got to be honest with them. That is what I am doing now. LOL However my hubby isn’t here yet.
    But that is what I got from the talk I had with them regarding benefits.
    Medicade and/or medicare will not be canceled no matter what, unless your hubby makes like 1 million dollars a month or year. Of course then you wouldn’t need the help.
    Anyway, sorry for my rambling.
    Glad you get to spend more and more time with him.

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