I’ve gone Ro and managed to unfollow

It was decided. JayNoi left a comment and called me ro and I just liked the sound of it. So its official unless I change my mind again. Women’s Sorry for typos, lazy.perogative, right?

I tried the unfollowing thing again with no success, over and over. Alex just went clunk clunk on the link, well he didn’t go clunk his sound effects did. I was venting to Erik on yahoo and was about ready to give him the holy grail password into blogger to take her out when he left the keyboard for a minute, and I thought I’d try one more thing. I visited the blog, used the navigation and search bar at the top of the blog and clicked “follow” again, and it said “you already follow this blog, click to unsubscribe” yeeeee haaaaaw it worked!!! I was seriously ready to ask a sighty for help because I just couldn’t take it anymore, and didn’t have the will power not to read it.

Blinks, if I *ever* make us sound like useless wimps, give me a cyber slap. So there are 2 ocassions now that will earn me a cyber slap, sounding wimpy or not leaving the house.

Ok, I feel better. Oh I heard another blind term that I love, on L^2’s bog, sorry not in the modd to link. “Blindy” lol!

gonna go do a happy dance now. I’ll prolly blog again cuz I’m bored.


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11 Responses to I’ve gone Ro and managed to unfollow

  1. Just for you. Woooohooooo!

    Glad you got away from that horrible blog. I still haven’t let her have it yet. Blech.

  2. Ro

    Yeah, seriously. I chse to have fun with all this, not dwell on the supposed can’ts and what not. Ick. Feel free to be done with it too lol!

  3. haha was that comment from me?
    Whats this terrible blog you were following?

  4. Ro

    Huh? Which comment?

    I don’t remember the name of the blog, its a blind woman claiming to be an accessibility advocate, but all she talks about are the things we can’t do, and all things we needed sighted assistance for. It was such a downer!!

  5. Yeah. and function. Ha!

  6. Ro

    Yeah. Blind people can actually go to functions, did you know? But we’ll need a lot of sighted assistance.

    I’m really trying not to talk smack, I try not to do that, but jeez…I’m so proud of everything I can do, ya know?

  7. L^2

    Woohoo! So glad you found another way to unsubscribe!

  8. And so you should be!

    The part that bugs the hell out of me about that blog is she writes these short posts with like no information I can actually use, and a sighty couldn’t use it either. The only thing she sorta did that was good was enlighten sighted folk about how many touchscreens there are out there because they probably don’t think about it. But other than that, yuck.

  9. did she happen to mention how many functions the touch screens had?

    Glad you managed to get away from her. that calls for a meeping function celebration!

  10. Ro

    Hahahaha!!! Meep meep dance dance meep meep!

  11. Aww Ro I’m so proud of you! You’ve gone Ro now and it befits you. R was so lame! lol

    Glad you’re looking ahead and at what you CAN do instead of looking behind at things that are …well…behind you!

    Way to go ro!

    jnoi *smile*

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