It’s fun to be a dork on youtube

I got a little hooked on recording stuff for youtube after I did that screen reader demo and you mix a silly addiction with some boredom and you end up with a really dorky recording of pretending to call a baseball game. I had read an article about a blind kid calling games and wondered how on earth that would go. He didn’t have commentators in his head, but I did…

I had the game feed with Dave and Andy piping through my headphones and decided to add my own commentary to what they were saying. I wasn’t sure I would upload it, but being a dork is who I am, so why not? It worked out that our Jeremy ended up going all nine innings in a shutout victory against the Orioles and Matt Joyce did something cool during the second inning, which I had luckily decided to “call” after a very quick first inning.

Here is me being a dork during the first inning. Here is the bottom of the second where coolness happens.

I have to tell you what started all this youtube stuff. During spring training, the Rays had a talent show and one of the players in the organization did this fabulous performance. Since I’m a singer, a retired singer but still a singer, and since this man also plays baseball, I was instantly hooked. He happens to be on Twitter and he started linking to his covers of songs, which are all great. His name is Emeel Salem and here is his youtube channel. Go check it out. Seriously. Shiny.

How did he kick start my youtube addiction? Well I like his voice and found myself singing along to his videos. I didn’t know most of the songs and thought if he ever did a song I knew, I might try recording a virtual duet. The craziest thing happened and a song I didn’t know kept being stuck in my head, so I decided to learn it the way he did it. I refuse to listen to the original. After learning it and adding my own little twists and harmony, I recorded this. Here is Emeel’s original video. I played it and recorded myself singing with him using my iPod. It was fun. He liked it. 🙂

So that’s what started it and it led to me being a total dork yesterday during the start of the Rays game. The Rays are doing incredible right now; it’s so fun!!! After starting the season 0-6 they are now in first place in the American League East, two games above the second place Yankees. It’s all a rabid baseball fan’s dream!!

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