It’s almost time to blog every day. Scary making!

Beginning Tuesday, I’m back to writing a post a day for thirty days. Officially it’s called, NaBloPoMo, but the last two years I haven’t signed up for it. When I first heard about it, the sign up had an inaccessible CAPTchA so I didn’t even try last year and won’t this year. I’ve heard there’s no real point anyway and the whole reason I do it is because at least I’m guaranteed an entire month of my life going down in the books.

I’m a little frightened of it this year. I just have not been able to write. Whether it be blog posts or short stories or anything. It’s almost like Twitter has murdered my inner writer. Since I can get away with just writing a hundred and forty characters several times a day, I don’t have to sit down and work. Or who knows? Maybe it means nothing. Maybe it just means I don’t feel like writing.

One of the posts I have planned next month is about the book I’m currently reading which today has me in such a gross place every time I think about it, that the thought of being a writer makes me want to run screaming. It’ll make more sense once I write about the book, but I’m waiting until I’m finished with it. At first I loved it, thought it was creative and different and then oh no oh no where’s the freezer oh but I can’t put the iPhone in there oh I think I might vomit oh no don’t do that oh are you really going to do that oh I need to turn this book off and as I read it this morning I clutched Timmy so tightly I thought I might suffocate him and of course it’s King. Who else?

The thought about not wanting to be a writer because of possible fame has come up for me before. Book tours? Appearances? I mean I know that’s thinking way big, but that’s what happens to successful writers, right? I don’t want to be famous. I want to write just to write but I don’t want to go on tours. I don’t have the energy for that. Has an author just made enough money to be comfortable without giving in to fame? I wonder.

That was a ramble. I read back on the last two 30X30 labels and last year there were a lot of posts about writing. I was so excited about it last year. I spent so much time creating. And now? It seems the best I can do is write silly blog posts about…what?

It’ll be interesting to see what comes out starting November first. It will be nice to have a guaranteed month of this year on the record. Quite honestly, I’m grateful NaBloPoMo isn’t in the beginning of the year, because 2011 has not been the best year for me.

Alrighty then, not sure why I wrote this post. Maybe to prepare myself to begin writing daily and also so the few people left reading here will come to expect a post every day starting Tuesday and I’ll need to be accountable. At least blogging doesn’t really take creativity. I’m hoping writing about daily stuff brings back the creative writer in me. I’ve got a short story to write. The block needs to go. Last year, daily writing in November corresponded with me writing a whole novel. So here’s hoping!

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  1. Go get ’em, Ro! Writing every day on your blog is like “training” for a marathon…I’m sure it will help get you on track to write what you want.

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