Irrigating Sockets. Huh?

Yesterday was a week since my tooth extraction surgery and the pain had gotten so bad that I literally listened to my phone count down until 8am when I could call the oral surgeon. I was still having my phone wake me up every three hours to take over-the-counter medication and when I couldn’t get back to sleep after the 3:30am Advil due to the pain not going away I lay in bed and decided that come hell or high water I was seeing a dental professional no matter what or who I had to do and if I had to find a dragon to fly me to the appointment. Geesh what is with my run-ons lately?

Unfortunately the surgeon wasn’t at the office near me yesterday since he splits his time between that and another office. Too bad for my dragon, the other office was on the complete other side of town. I got an appointment for 2:30 and began trying to find a ride. B couldn’t take off like he normally can since he was giving a training. He had suggested my Aunt B (haha hey, Aunt B) but I thought she was in Phoenix working a show. I thought my uncle was off though so I called him. Turns out he was at work but he said to call Aunt B. Wow, my fog had been so thick after Gamma died that I really had things messed up about who was here and who wasn’t. Aunt B was more than happy to be my dragon.

It took us forever to get clear across town and we were slightly late but that didn’t matter since I wasn’t called back until 3:30 anyway. Sitting in the lobby was just starting to get my anxiety up when I heard my name. It was Leah! I wondered if she went with the surgeon when he did time at this location and sure enough, there she was. Jayden immediately recognized her and all his uncertainty about this new location melted away as he followed her.

The surgeon looked at my mouth and said there was no infection which was great. I was concerned about infection since this awful taste was coming out of the right socket. Gross, I know, so sorry. He irrigated the hole and said a lot of debris came out of it. I asked why I had gotten dry socket even though I had done everything I was supposed to and he said sometimes that just happens. Just my luck, eh?

He put some clove oil in the socket (heaven!) and repacked it. I asked if he was going to do the left side. He said no since I said it was the right side that hurt worse. Um yes, but the left side is still sore so while I’m here, let’s take care of that one too, shall we? Lots of debris came out of that side as well. He packed that one and sent me on my way.

I was impressed with the place last week. This week? Not so much. I think it might have been the difference in locations. This place seemed totally unorganized. They’d had six hours since I called to get my chart from the other office but they hadn’t gotten it. I just really hope this whole thing is done and I can move on to just getting normal work done at the normal dentist.

Something I had completely forgotten about came back to me after yesterday. When I was a phlebotomist working in the lab at the air force base years ago, an airman dared me to draw my own blood so I did. That skill came in handy years later when I ran a draw station and needed fasting labs done haha! Anyway, I had picked a light blue tube to use that day so the techs went ahead and ran a prothrombin time test on me. That checks your clotting factors. The tech told me that according to results, I clot just fine on the outside, but if I ever have any bleeding internally, there might be problems. I wonder if this dry socket has anything to do with that, since dry socket happens because the clot in the wound is lost too quickly. Perhaps I didn’t make a strong enough clot. The mouth isn’t technically internal, but the blood isn’t fully exposed to air so who knows? Me and my medical mind haha!

The surgeon sent me home with a syringe to irrigate my sockets after every meal. Aunt B and I laughed on the way home because Leah explained everything to Aunt B, saying I’d need help aiming the needle-like tip on the syringe into the socket. There was no point in explaining that Aunt B doesn’t live with me and that I can do it just fine on my own, thank you very much. In fact it’s really not hard at all. I just wash my hands and feel where the syringe tip is and put it right near the socket. It seems like it would be harder for someone else to do for me, especially since I stand over the sink so the water runs out.

It’s not very pleasant so I didn’t eat very often today haha! It might just turn out to be a decent diet plan. 😉

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