“Into the Storm” by Larry Correia – narrated by Ray Porter

I had preordered “Into the Storm” since the author of my beloved Grimnoir Chronicles wrote it. It was the first book I’ve ever preordered and I was thrilled when Audible emailed to let me know it was available in my library.

“Into the Storm” is set in a purely fictional world in what seems like ancient times but is it? Apparently the book is based on a game but not being a gamer, I’d never heard of it. It sounds like there will be more books in this world which is good.

Correia is so good at telling a fantastical story mixed with action, awesome inventions and unexpected humor. You immediately know and like all the characters.

In ‘Storm’, a group of rejects in the military is formed to march off to war. When you need numbers, even malcontents are valuable. This was Police Academy meets Armageddon meets Saving Private Ryan meets Game of Thrones. It’s narrated by Ray Porter who is one of my favorite narrators. I listened to this book in a day and a half since I was stuck in bed in a nasty fatigue. Best part of nasty fatigues? Why, audio books of course! I can’t wait for the next installment of this series.

Rating: So good!

“Into the Storm” at Audible ~ “Into the Storm” Amazon Kindle

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