Had the O & M this morning. It was freezing freakin cold. Yes. Cold in Arizona. It does happen haha.

Dave always gives me options. He said we could continue the route to the store, or check out a small intersection up the road. Feeling good and eager to get working on intersections, I chose the latter.

We drove down the road and parked in a parking lot near the intersection. We walked to the intersection, a major road to my right. Lots of traffic noise. We got to a driveway and Dave said, what’s this car doing? I immediately said, turning right. How could you tell? I heard the car slowing. Very good.

We continued to the intersection and Dave walked me through finding the pedistrian pole and feeling the down curb narrow down to a wheelchair ramp. He showed me how at this place, if I put my arm on the pediestrian button box, it lined me up perfectly. We stood there a bit listening to traffic and Dave said I wouldn’t be crossing today.

He had me point to where I thought I would cross. He said ok, when you hear the traffic in front of you go, press the pedestrian button. So I did. Then he said, now listen for the surge of traffic. It’s when you hear that, that you’d cross, because they are your blocker cars.

I don’t know why I did it.

I heard the surge of traffic and decided to cross. I just went. My cane hit an upcurb and Dave said, median, go to your left a little. So I did and found the cut out.

Oops. I wasn’t supposed to cross just then. But it felt like the right thing to do. Dave was laughing, saying I was a natural. He said ok, hit the pedestrian button again, so I did, waited for the surge, and continued.

Congratulations, that was your first intersection.

Really? That counts? But its small.

Yes, it counts. It had all the elements of a lerger intersection, just a smaller scale. You had traffic in 4 directions. You had a median. You had two pedestrian buttons. You knew what to do and you did it.


So we turned 180 and did it all again, going back across the street. We talked about how crossing from west to east in this case, on the north side of the street, can be hairy, becuse you have those right turners. He said some intersections are really bad, because you can’t be seen. So in that case you might go the longer way around for safety’s sake.

So pretty cool huh? It wasn’t scary. I thought it would be scary. But it wasn’t. Maybe it will be with a larger intersection.

This is definitely good pooch preparation stuff. Doing more next week if I’m still feeling pretty good. The cold really makes my cognitive function a lot better, especially in the morning.


Ok, sometimes Boogger doesn’t let me edit. And now its not giving me keyboard echo So I can’t get rid of typos, and can’t even hear what I’m writing here. Frustrating.


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10 Responses to Intersection

  1. Hey wow! Congrats! That’s really cool and glad to hear it was a resounding success! You’ll be dog ready in no time.

  2. hmmm you did say boogger at the end instead of blogger hahaha, its ok though, it fits in this situation haha.

  3. Congratulations! Sounds like a victorious day.

  4. Way to go, congratulations on your first intersection! Sounds like you had kind of a trial by fire there…I’m pretty sure most of us started out small, like stop signs and worked our way up. Just remember not to get discouraged as you learn this stuff. sometimes things are going to go really bad on some of these crossings and you’re probably going to feel like a fool, but keep trying. and if there are some that you just cannot figure out, that’s ok too. I’ve been doing this blind guy stuff for 30 years and there are still some things I avoid because either they’re next to impossible or just because I hate them. It’s all about what you feel safe doing, and feeling safe out there is going to take time. I’m just glad you got off to a good start, it’s a great feeling knowing that you’re figuring out streets.

  5. I’m so gonna start calling blogger boogger. Great stuff.

    And yea! Go you! You are so gonna have this stuff down before you know what hit you. Keep up the awesome work.

  6. Ro

    Thanks everyone! It was definitely quite awesome!

    Steve, we started off very slow, with residential street crossings and stuff. It’s definitely been a baby step kind of thing. Now I’m just ready to run!

  7. Ok, I am a fool. I misread or misunderstood something in my morning haze and somehow took from what you wrote that this was the first time you’d ever crossed at an intersection. Wow.

  8. Ro

    Well it was the first major intersection, the first with stoplights and traffic. So it was the first intersection in that regard, and I don’t necessarily count residential as anything but teaching me how to square off, because there was never traffic, no surge, that kind of thing. So this was a big jump in my training, and loads of fun 🙂

  9. L^2

    Yay! Congrats on your first intersection! It sounds like you’re well on your way to being all ready to work with a dog.

  10. Ro

    Yikes, I don’t know how your comment got lost in my inbox. too many emails I suppose lol.

    Yeah I’m really pleased with how it went. I can’t wait to tackled something bigger now 😉

    Oh and my cane kept getting stuck in foliage as I was shorelining and I just kept thinking, on man I want my dog I want my dog lol!

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