Importing video from iPod Nano 5G

I am posting this just in case any other Voiceover users get the new iPod Nano 5g because of the video capabilities like I did, and find themselves completely lost in how to get the videos off the iPod. Apple decided that we should use iPhoto to manage videos, but Voiceover doesn’t like it. I was on the phone with Apple for a good two hours about this, and they were at a loss. Finally I was transfered to a supervisor using Leopard, who activated Voiceover to confirm my suspician that the problem was iPhoto. He actually checked some things and called me back, still at a loss, and at that point, I had figured out a work around. When I told him how I did it he said, “well that’s a round about way to shoot a horse”. Yes, yes it is. He apologized and was going to put in a ticket to the engineers about how silly it is that we can’t just manage videos from iTunes.

The last time I imported a video, I took notes on how I did it. So here goes. If anyone has an easier solution, please let me know. A Snow Leopard user looked at iPhoto with Voiceover and had the same issue, so the problem is not solved by upgrading.

In the finder window
find iPod. I have mine named “Video Pod”, so look for whatever you named yours.

VO shift M for menu, select Open.
VO shift down arrow to interact with table
Find “DCIM” VO shift M for menu, select open
VO shift down arrow to interact with table
VO shift M on where it says “000APPLE collapsed level zero” to open
VO shift down arrow to interact with table.

Here are all the videos on the iPod. There will be mp4 files and dat files. *Important* Do not delete dat files until later, I will explain. The mp4 files are your videos. They are only labeled in numeric order. If you keep track of the videos and follow the following steps to label them, later you will know what they are.
To find the video you want to re-label,
Find the mp4 file. It’ll have 0000 or 0001 etc. VO shift M for menu. Arrow down to “open with” or “always open with”. The default player is Quicktime, but it did not play the video. After selecting “open with” Select the more option. VO shift down arrow to interact with the “file browser”. Type “iTu” or scroll down to iTunes and hit enter. Your video will play and then you’ll know what it is. I just did this and I have 4 unlabeled videos. Try and remember which one you checked. If you select “always open with” and then iTunes, if you forget which one you’ve tested, when you use the menu to select open with, iTunes will show, and then you’ll know you’ve tested it. I checked the one called 0004 and it was a mistake video. I won’t delete it until I’m sure. Repeat this with all the unlabeled videos until you find the one you want.
I just went back and listened to 0003 and it was still a mistake video. 0002 is the one I want.

So now, to re-name it. Go back to your finder window.
Scroll to the one you want. VO shift M for menu. Select “get info.
VO shift down arrow to interact with scroll area. Scroll down until you hear the file name in an edit text field. Rename. I always leave the “dot mp4” extension.
VO shift up arrow to stop interacting with the scroll area, and your name change takes effect immediately.
I like to test it after I rename.
So I start from the beginning, find my renamed file, open with iTunes, at this point now, I have told it to always open with iTunes.
Now I want the file where I can find it. I usually just stick it in my finder window/desktop.
So I find my renamed mp4 file, hit command C to copy, go back to the finder after closing the window, select my desktop or wherever, hit command V and the video is now there, named the way I want, and easy to find for uploading.

You can use this same technique to delete videos off the iPod once you have moved the ones you want to keep. Do not delete dat files off the ipod if you want to play the videos on the ipod. I did that and I assume that’s why it’s not seeing the two videos I left on the ipod. The dat files are not necessary to keep to watch the videos in iTunes, all you need is the mp4 file.

Unfortunately, the names of the videos will not appear on your iPod. Voiceover on the iPod does not read anything in the list of “camera videos”. You just have to listen to clicks.

Uploading videos to youtube is fairly simple if you have an account. I select “upload” and then scroll to where it says “having problems uploading?” and follow the directions there. For some reason it works better for me then the regular upload form.

This all just took a lot of playing and trial and error to figure out. Again, please let me know if you’ve found an easier way. Maybe soon, the problem will be solved on Apple’s end.


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  1. Yeesh! That sounded painful! Yuck yuck yuck!

    Glad you figured it out.

  2. Ro

    It’s really not so bad now that I’ve done it a few times. Actually I think I understand why they didn’t have the videos go through iTunes. They are so crazy about preventing people from piroting, that it’s hard to do any kind of uploading straight from iTunes. With iPhoto, it has the option to go straight to youtube, but it’s just not accessible with Alex. So, I’m glad I figured out this way of doing things at least.

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