Importing video from iPod Nano 5G part 2

Hopefully if anyone searches for help with this, they get to this post first.

I made an important discovery after posting part 1.

By renaming my videos, the ones I wanted to keep on the iPod aren’t there. It says they are there in the finder window, but when I went to play them on the iPod, they are not there. Foiled again. It’s looking like in order to keep videos on the iPod, they have to keep the stupid 0000.mp4 name. Either that or else renaming the dat file did it. I need to do some more testing. But I wanted to post this in case anyone comes looking. Don’t rename the files on the iPod if you want them to stay there. I would copy the un-named file to the desktop or wherever and then re-name.

I’ll check out the dat file stuff and post another update.


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3 Responses to Importing video from iPod Nano 5G part 2

  1. Booo! I hate it when that happens. Damn synching screwing it all up.

  2. I’m going to be away from computer for the weekend so just want to wish you well as you leave for San Rafael. Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. You will do great!

  3. Ro

    Awww thank you Becky!! Have a wonderful weekend away! *hugs*

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