I’m shocked, I got the ring *and* the couch throw!

I guess the note in the mailbox worked, or else it was the usual mail lady. The apartment manager had said it wasn’t the normal mail person on Thursday when the fiasco happened.

She knocked at the door and I told her I was blind and she was like, oh, how are you gonna sign this. I told her to come in so we could use my counter, and she was like, I can sign it for you. I think she was intimidated lol. I’m like, whatever works. At that point I didn’t really care, I just wanted my ring, my birthday present to myself lol! She also had my couch throw, which was a nice surprise, because the tracking info showed that it only arrived in town this morning.

So, originally I had ordered a size 6, remember? And then the seller said size 6 was sold out so I decided to just get the size 7 and either have it sized or wear it on my middle finger. I couldn’t pass up the 80% off. So I open up the ring and feel it, and slide it onto my ring finger and it fits just like a size 6. So, either she did send a size 6, or their rings run really small lol!!!! So, all that and I still got a perfectly fitting ring. I guess it’s a good thing the size 6 was sold out, or I would have been really disappointed when I finally got it. Sheesh. Glad that’s over, and can’t wait to show a girl!!

The couch throw is really soft. It’s not gonna work the same way the old blanket did. I had the old blanket on the whole couch, tucked into the cushions between the arms. This one is a little smaller, so I drapped it over one side, the side I sit on to read, and put the white pillow there on top of it. I’m sure that will still work well to tie in the blue and white couches. I just hope the cats don’t destroy it. It’s a much looser weave than the old blanket, and the cats love to wrestle on that coudh. Oh well, we’ll see how long it hold up. I noticed on one of the new pillows, where the tag had been, that it ripped a little. I’m gonna need to sew that up.

So, the only thing I’m waiting on now is the rain parka, I think. Yeah, I think that’s all. Wow for all these shipments and I’ll actually be glad not be trying to keep track of so many things lol! Starting in February, I’ll do my one purchase a month, from Amazon Direct only lol!! I also just realized that I really need an Amazon label haha! Oh man, that’ll mean re-labeling all these posts about Amazon. Hmmm.


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  1. L^2

    Yay, glad you finally got your stuff and it works!

    Also, it shouldn’t be too hard to label all of your Amazon posts. If you go to the blogger page that lists all of your posts, and then in the search box type Amazon, it will bring up a list of all your posts that have that word in them. Then you can click on the select all option and add an Amazon label. That’s much easier than going through and editing each post.

  2. Ro

    Hmmm. I’m afraid to try any of that, because Carin tried relabeling using the blogger stuff and it screwed something up. It frightens me haha!! I’ll give it a look see though. Thanks!

  3. So glad your ring arrived!

    It may not screw up depending on how Alex/Safari handle scripted windows. I think it was an IE and JAWS combined bungle.

  4. Woohoo! You got a ring! Did you show B? Dangle it in his face and say, “See this could have been where your promise ring went.But no-o-o-o-“

    We women are more thoughtful than men anyway! I love the ring Ro! And kudos to you for buying it!!!

    jnoi 🙂

  5. How fun! I love receiving packages – I’m waiting for some new things I ordered from maxi aids — just some new kitchen gadgets but still fun to have something on the porch!

  6. Ro

    It’s definitely been fun getting packages. Though I think one at a time will be easier lol. JayNoi, I did show him my left hand, where I have the ring right now lol. I definitely can’t wear it all the time, since opals are delicate, and I’ve already wacked it a few times, so I’m trying to be really careful. Definitely have to take it off when I’m doing any cleaning or anything.

    Carin, I’m still scared lol. Besides, it won’t be a ton of posts, and it’s fun to read the posts again.

  7. Yeah, you got your ring!

    I love receiving packages, feel free to have some of your things shipped to me… 🙂

    Toby’s Trainer (Raiser)
    SEGDI Raiser

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