I’m not friends with Steve

For the next three days, I’m not friends with Steve. Carin, if you’re roped into this, I’m sorry. I might not even be able to work on your blanket today since it’s going to live with Steve. Though I did do some phase 3 on it today.

Steve, we can be friends again on Thursday. Maybe.


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  1. Well geesh. Leave it to a Rays fan to be such a gigantic meany. and here I am being nice and not emailing you to ask you what the score is right now. Hmm, what is the score right now anyway?

  2. Ro

    If you’re reading and commenting on blogs, can’t you check the stupid score?

  3. Oh I know what the score is since I’ve got the game on, I just want you to tell me. Nothing against our awesome broadcast team,I just think it would sound a whole lot better coming from you.

  4. Ro

    I might just start crying soon. My mood was steadily dropping today and now this. I hate this stupid sport. Hate it.

  5. Well, I thought for sure you had a home run there a minute ago, but we totally robbed you.

    How can you possibly be in a bad mood when the Jays are doing so well? It seems impossible!

  6. Ro

    I’ve brought it on myself by allowing the Rays and Jayden to be the few things that bring me joy. At least I know Jayden won’t strike out. Though the Rays have only struck out once tonight if you can believe it.

  7. It’s the ground balls that are killing you. They were just running down the game stats so far and there have been 9 ground outs to this point. What a great start for Morrow, I hope he can start doing that consistently.

  8. Well…there goes the shutout. Oh, and nice try with the I hit that off my foot and it’s not a fair ball thing.

  9. That was a little too close for comfort at the end there. Wow.

  10. Ro

    I can’t even go to bed because it’s only 7pm.

  11. It isn’t time for bed anyway, it’s time to celebrate the Jays’ big win!

  12. Ro

    Have fun. I’m gonna nurse my migraine and dread tomorrow. Maybe even vomit.

  13. Hope you feel better. I got nailed by some sort of mysterious bug last night that haunted me for most of today too. No fun.

  14. Ro

    I’ve just never experienced having a team doing awesome only to start sucking. First time for everything I guess.

  15. If only you’d been a Jays fan all along you’d be used to it by now. and I’d hardly say the Rays have started sucking. They still have the best record in all of baseball.

  16. Ro

    Yeah, but can we keep it? It’s getting scary. We don’t look like the same team.

  17. I don’t think it’s quite time to panic yet. the season is long and slumps are going to happen. They’re unavoidable. I personally hope you can’t keep that great record, but for your sake be glad they’re doing this now since hopefully it means that they’re getting it out of their systems now instead of August or September when there isn’t time to widen the gaps again.

  18. Ro

    When I first fell in love with baseball and the Rays, they went all the way to the WS and I had only started following them late in the season. Last year, they were just kinda blah the whole season, so I didn’t get the roller coaster. This year is the first for me haha. I have a feeling it’s gonna come down to the Rays and Jays for the AL and I wouldn’t mind that at all.

  19. I hope you’re right about that, but I’m not sure if New York is going to totally collapse. I think they still stand between us and you. It’s a good race so far though.

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