I’m Home

It wasn’t a geographical in the AA sense of things, since I wasn’t running away from something, I was running to something. And I think I’ve found way more than I bargained for.

That was the thought running through my head this morning that made me run to my computer after refilling my coffee, knowing I needed to write a blog post. I got out of bed early today since I lay awake thinking of how close I was to finishing the first draft of the memoir – finally. I used NaNoWriMo this year to fully commit to the memoir. I studied memoir in October, reading “The Memoir Project” by Marion Roach. The book was recommended on Twitter by Josh Hanagarne @JoshHanagarne), author of “The World’s Strongest Librarian”, and I will be forever grateful to him for that recommendation. The book showed me how to structure the memoir and how to plan to write it. It showed me to find the message I wanted to convey, and that helped me narrow down which parts of my life were relevant.

What I have is a 50,550 (cool number, eh?) word sketch draft of this memoir, with the ending I imagined while doing my prep work.

I have a finished, first terrible draft of a book!

I’m pretty sure it’ll be longer than what I have now, because as I wrote, I would remember things that will need to go in, but I just jotted those down as notes to be added during rewrites. I’ll be learning Windows and Jaws *gulp* for the editing process, because the Mac and Voiceover is sorely lacking in the word processing department. Luckily, I’m in the right place with a Windows geek who can help me with that. Pray for him. *wink wink*

When last I posted, I listed all the challenges I’d been through with my benefits. I had planned to post again with fun stories about moving here, and I’ll still do that, but not in this post. Today I just wanted to post about finishing my first draft, because the feeling is incredible. I’ve finished multiple drafts of two short stories now, and those felt great, but finishing the first draft of this memoir, a book that’s been fighting to get out since way back when I had a Blogger blog, feels absolutely incredible.

I think it’s this move to Washington. It felt like home before I ever got here, and I’m so grateful it has felt more and more like home the longer I’ve been here. My creativity has grown in leaps and bounds here. I can stand outside in the front yard and just be, just listen and feel and smell. It’s so alive here! Everything is alive. Grass, trees, the nearby ocean that I smell when I step outside, everything is living, including me.

Without a doubt, I know this is home now. though I suppose we’ll see what I say in February, eh?

I’ve had to put some money down on warm stuff, but not much. I got thermal underwear on Amazon that I wear every day under my sweats and three tops, ha! David’s, and now my, friend took me to Value Village for a member’s only sale. This woman knows how to bargain hunt! I got two winter coats and a bunch of warm stuff to wear around the house. I’m currently wearing wool socks, thermal pants, sweats, a tight tank top, thermal shirt, fleece shirt, hoodie, NaNoWriMo beanie, and fingerless gloves. I’m pretty much warm, ha! I freaking love it!

It’s not so fun when it’s wet, but I’m getting used to it. The raincoat I bought for guide dog school hangs in the mud room, ready to grab to keep dry, and I’m waiting on a rain coat I ordered from GDB for Jayden. I certainly never expected to be buying a doggy raincoat. I never expected to move to Washington, either, so it just goes to show how unreliable expectations are. Tip: don’t have expectations, and prepare yourself for the unexpected.

Near the end of October, while I was preparing for NaNoWriMo and taking a fiction writing class, we met up with some of David’s family and went to the Hobuck beach at Neah Bay. David, his son, and cousins, all surfed. In the cold. I’ll be trying it in the summer if all goes as planned. Hey now, watch those expectations.

For Thanksgiving, we went to David’s parents’s house for salmon dinner. A lot of Salmon is eaten here, which is excellent, because salmon is a good anti-inflammatory food. Antiinflammation food? Hmmm. Anyway, we eat a lot of salmon and I love it.

There have been challenges. I’m still ironing out all the benefits stuff. It turns out that Medicare does follow you from state to state, but if you have a Medicare advantage plan like I had in Arizona, tying Medicaid and Medicare together with an insurance company like United Healthcare, you have to do more than just cancel your state’s Medicaid. Unbeknownst to me, my Medicare stuck to Arizona even after I cancelled Medicaid, and the only reason I found out was because when my new doctor tried to write a neurology referral, my new health group didn’t take my Arizona insurance, which I thought I had cancelled. Long story short, I had to call Medicare and get on a basic plan, and get on a prescription drug plan. As far as I understand it, everything should be straightened out on December 1, and I’ll officially be a Washingtonian, *knock on wood*.

I wasn’t planning on going into all that, but the fingers write what the fingers write. I have another call to make about my Medicaid, because I have a navigator woman with my medical group, who said I should not be on that ridiculous spend down thing. So fingers crossed she’s right.

So there’s another update for you, my one dear reader *cough* Torie *cough*. I’m thinking as I revise the memoir, maybe I’ll post things that end up on the cutting room floor. Though perhaps not until I know for sure. Better safe than sorry.

***Tip*** When taking your dog to the beach, no matter how short a leash you have him on, he’s still at risk for beach gut. Did you know that’s a thing? Yup, that’s a thing. My did Jayden get sick. Silver lining: I took him to the neighbor’s vet, which I really liked.


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  1. OMG, I’m so happy for you! I love how things have turned around for you. Keep it up, and can’t wait to read the book!

  2. Ro

    Oh I forgot, two constant readers, you and Torrie haha.

    I’m already really proud of this book and this first draft is terrible ha! I started revising yesterday, so you’ll get to beta read and edit soon. 🙂
    Ro recently posted..I’m HomeMy Profile

  3. Cool beans, can’t wait! If you need any other help from me on the JAWS front I’m happy to help too. I’m sort of a pro at editing in Word after all my years in school. lol

  4. Ro

    Thanks! I think for the first round of revisions, and probably the second as well, I can do in my Word Pad like app on the Mac. But when it comes to formatting for actual publication, I’ll have to go the Windows route. You saw what a struggle it was when you helped format that Meddling Dog. I’m so grateful for all the people willing to help with my writing!
    Ro recently posted..I’m HomeMy Profile

  5. Sounds like a plan! You just let me know what you need and I’ll do my best to make it happen. 🙂

  6. Ro

    Make it happen, buddy. Two to three years, two million dollars.
    Ro recently posted..I’m HomeMy Profile

  7. Hey. I’m still here too. So cool that you managed to write the first draft. I really hoped that you wouldn’t have to deal with JAWS and the like. I hope it’s not too painful. Also super happy that the insurance bull crap is hopefully on the road to being fixed and Washington is working out for you. I’m so curious what you’ll think of snow. Hope it’s not too much hell and your neighbourhood sees a friggin plow lol.

  8. Ro

    Carin! I can’t check who’s visiting since my Stat Counter went and got inaccessible. I used to be able to see page hits from Canada. Luckily, the street where I live has a sidewalk and a space between the road and the sidewalk. In fact, the way to the store is all sidewalk so I think we should be ok if it snows. I’m told it doesn’t usually stick too much since it’s so wet here all the time, but we’ll see. I’m pretty sure the streets will be plowed. I’ll run all this by Charles when I see him again in a couple weeks. He’s my GDB rep. He says he knows your GDB rep and they’re like besties at work. Oh I think I told you this on Facebook haha.

    I’ve been training Jayden on getting comfortable in his new GDB rain coat. I finally got him to poop in it this morning ha! I want him comfortable in it for when it rains non stop because constantly drying him was eating all my spoons.
    Ro recently posted..I’m HomeMy Profile

  9. Silly inaccessible stat counter. Boo buckets! Glad to hear he pooped in it. Much success. If the snow doesn’t stick around, you should be good. The fun starts when there’s more, and more, and more snow and they don’t know where to put it and they just finish clearing it and crunch! More snow! Makes me think of that story called the diary of a snow shoveler. Yeah Charles and Chuck. I have only met Charles a couple of times but I hear he’s awesome, like Chuck-level awesome.
    Carin recently posted..Today In What Are The Odds: Man Robs Car, Gets Hit By Another Car, Is Treated By Owner Of The First CarMy Profile

  10. pooped in the coat lol. That made it look like Jayden crapped on your website. Jeebers.
    Carin recently posted..Today In What Are The Odds: Man Robs Car, Gets Hit By Another Car, Is Treated By Owner Of The First CarMy Profile

  11. What a happy post :).

    Sad to hear about poor Jayden getting sicky bad though. He must really like the sea water lol.

    I can’t wait to read your memwar when it’s published.

    Wow it must be cold if you’re all in your thermals lol.

    I’m hoping things keep going well for you 🙂
    Torie recently posted..“Our Country Nurse” By Sarah & Amy BeesonMy Profile

  12. Ro

    We didn’t even get close enough to the water to get our feet wet. He must have eaten something on the sand. Ew!

    The cold here is shocking, and winter isn’t even here yet ha! Love my fur lined boots and fingerless gloves
    Ro recently posted..I’m HomeMy Profile

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