I’ll try not to rant

*I re-read this just now and I apologize in advance for my tone. I’m not in the best of moods. But I’ve learned in therapy that its not healthy to stuff feelings, so I’m gonna go ahead and post.*

Apparently blind bloggers aren’t good enough for National Blog Month.

Oh well. I’m doing the 30 in 30 because its fun, though it would have really been nice to sign up for the thing.

I heard about this on L^2’s blog. I tend to copy some of what she does tee hee.

So I thought, well hmm, I practically blog daily anyway. Might as well do 30 blogs in 30 days. Figured it would be pretty easy. But I’m actually finding myself not wanting to blog today. I’m just in a bit of a funk. I’m still in brain fog mode, though not as bad. I’m a little fatigued, and my throat keeps having days where it aches, which freaks me out because I really don’t want that stupid swine flu.

I asked on Facebook, how do you know if its swine flu? One girl said, “you puke up bacon bits” and another said “when you have a fever, it smells like bacon frying”. I suppose since there’s really no way to tell the difference, its better to be funny about it.

All my thoughts are jumbled up in my head. I really wish I had a Doggy Diaries update. But I don’t. I emailed admissions last week to find out if there’s any footwork on my part, and I haven’t heard anything. I sent out a question to the email list, so we’ll see what they suggest.

I got an email from Dave, and he’ll be out of town the next 2 Fridays. Which means a setback in O & M lessons. This is really disappointing because I’m really hustling to get in the last few things so I can hopefully go to school in January or February. Missing 2 weeks of O & M is not good. He said he’ll let me know if he has any cancellations.

Lets see, any more complaining before I get to fun stuff? Oh I don’t think I even explained why I can’t sign up for that blog thing, did I? I don’t feel like reviewing what I wrote. Anyway, there’s a CAPTCHA. And no audible CAPTCHA. So screw em. I won’t sign up for your stupid blog awareness month. I will not rant on CAPTCHAs I will not rant on CAPTCHAs. I’ve done enough of that. If you’ve read my blog, you’ll know how I feel. If you haven’t, click the CAPTCHA label.

My workout went well today. I’m not gonna go into details, but it went well. Just slowly increasing reps now. Good stuff.

I was in a great mood until I found out about O & M lessons being cancelled, and until the stupid CAPTCHA pissed me off.

Oh one thing I am going to start, is using Facebook to spread the word about idiot behaviors surrounding guide dogs. I read a blog about a holy terror dog at Wal-Mart being dressed up as a guide dog, or else was a real one with absolutely no manners. Either way. I posted on Facebook that dressing up a non service dog as a guide dog for Halloween is not a good idea. My friends didn’t understand why until I explained. Its not that they’re stupid, they just really didn’t know. So I thought, what better means of spreading awareness than social networking sites? So I posted another update today about why you should ask before you pet a guide dog. And now FB keeps not loading. So I can’t access my responses.

Talking about FB leads me to another complaint. I’m just full of em today eh? I really wish that when sending friend requests, people said something in that optional message. Like, “Hi this is Sally and I met you on the street corner 2 years ago.” Just something simple. Let me know who you are. I don’t add people unless I know how they know me. Isn’t that just a little FB etiquette?

I’m not adding people from the blog on FB. I’ve thought about that, about what I’d do if someone asked to add me, and I’ve decided to keep my blog and FB separate. The blog is highly public, and FB is very private. So I’m not gonna mix the two worlds.

But to anyone thinking about sending a friend request to someone, say you’ve met them through an email list, do them a favor and tell them how you know them. I just think its polite.

Seriously, why the heck am I in such a complaining mood? Wow. Hmm, you know, I haven’t had any lunch and its after 2pm. I bet thats got a LOT to do with it.

I’m going to be posting from my cats this month. I keep wanting to do it again, but haven’t. It was such fun when I wrote the Kitty Tales before, so I think I’ll keep doing it. The kids have given me some fun material to write about. Maybe I should have done that rather than just be a pissy whining snit in this blog 😉

I will try and make my posts more cheery for the rest of this little project.

Ok this is funny. I just played back my message before going in to edit, and where I write “reps” with regards to my work outs, my screenreader says “representatives”. I’ve noticed that happen with some other words, like my friend’s friend Jan. See right there its going to say January because I ended a sentance with Jan and so there was a period. If Jan is in the middle of a sentance, it says Jan but if its at the end it says January. I don’t know why this stuff amuses me. I think its because I know I didn’t type “representatives” or “January”.


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  1. L^2

    Sorry to hear about your problems with the NaBloPoMo site. It’s been several years since I first signed up there, but I figured by now they would be using some kind of CAPTCHA. I hoped they would at least have the audio alternative though. I think they’re hard to use too, but at least it’s another option.

    You should really get a job assessing website accessibility, that way you could complain all you want about stupid inaccessible CAPTCHAs to all the stupid people who set them up in the first place. You could get paid to complain! 🙂

    I’m glad you’re still going to try to post every day this month though – having fun making blog posts is really what it’s all about.

  2. R

    I would love a job in web accessibility, and its one I’m considerting. I’m on an email list full of developers and screen reader users and its a lot of fun to learn about this sort of thing. You should see the countless discussions we’ve had on CAPTCHAs lol. One of these days I might look into the kind of training I could get to do this sort of thing. Who knows, right?

    I’m labeling all my posts this month with 30×30 just to see how many posts I end up with lol. I’m already 1 above 😉

  3. WebVisum, baby, WebVisum!

    And great idea about talking about guide dog ettiquet on facebook. Go you!

    There was a funny story about the January for Jan thing that happened to a guy. I think his name was something like VA-Shawn Jones. And some people kept calling this poor man Virginia because their screenreaders said Virginia Shawn Jones. Hahahaha.

  4. R

    Firefox and Apple don’t like each other. So thats not an option. I know the other Apple users have found ways of handling CAPTCHAs but quite frankly, I don’t think I should have to. I’m actually getting a lot better at the audible ones too. This blog thingy doesn’t even have an audible one. Bastards lol. I should figure out SoloNa but I don’t think I should have to use anything dammit lol.

    Screen readers are so funny. Glad to know its not just me that happens to lol. I get soooo much flack for using an Apple. Like Jaws is the holy grail. I know you use Jaws, not dissin on Jaws. I’m just sayin, I hate getting flack for using an Apple.

    Ok I have no idea where I’m going with this so I’m gonna shut up.

  5. JAWS is for sure not the holy grail. It just sorta squiggled into the common blink collective consciousness, kinda like google did in everyone’s consciousness as a search engine. It is no better nor worse than other ones. There are things that are cool about it, but sometimes Window Eyes kicks its butt. When I played with Voiceover, I thought it was damn cool, especially since it came built in. Much woo to that. I’m just an old windows hag and don’t want to convert.

    Booo. I thought there was a Firefox for mac. Shows what I know. Hmmm Solona. I pray that it will survive, but I have my doubts. It’s a one-man band…and one man cannot be expected to dedicate his life to solving captchas. The poor fellow. He’s asking for help, but I don’t know how many bites he’s had.

    Are there other mac solutions besides solona?

    I really like these captcha-solving solutions because sometimes those audio captchas are impossible for those of us with hearing loss as well. Thankfully that’s not me, but there have to be other alternatives besides audio because audio locks out the ones with hearing loss as well as vision loss.

    And I’ve written a novel on your comment board.

  6. That is too bad that your having a bad day. I hope tomorrow is better!

  7. R

    Oh man at least you’ve played with Apple, woot! The main selling point for me now is that it comes built in. That wasn’t the main selling point for me at first, well maybe it was, I honestly don’t remember. It was a solution to my lack of internet sitting there in the store and I didn’t need to have someone install it or get training on it so I went with it and I’ll never change. I need to find out for sure what the other Apple users use. I just heard it from someone that Firefox is not compatible. I’ll have to go post on the Apple board and find out.

    I’m all loopy now after eating and am waaay tired so I’m gonna stop writing now 😉

  8. R


    Today is already better, even though its almost over. My bad mod led me to write about stuff that led to some realizations that led to an aha moment that led to relief tee hee.

  9. When you do find out what apple users use, please tell me! I wanna mention it over on vomit comet. I like to know about solutions and write about ’em.

    And here’s a weird question. Are their blind-friendly games for the mac? The PC have a whole ton, but are there any for the mac? I think about Mac things now that you have one.

  10. R

    When I brought the computer to Saavi to show the tech department, they had me search for accessible games for Mac or something ike that. The first hit was a game called “Sex in the Dark” so we got kind of enthralled reading about that one, so I don’t know the anser to your question lol.

    There is a great Google group called Mac Visionaries. I bet if you went there and searched some of this stuff, you’d find some great responses. Those people know their stuff, and it was because of that group that I learned most of what I have about the Mac.

  11. I used to be signed up…was it a google group then? Maybe. I’m not sure. But when I was testing a Mac I signed on. Then I signed off because back then I didn’t know how to filter my mail, so I was just like I don’t need all this mail about an OS I don’t have coming straight to my inbox. I will have to go googling in the google group…unless it’s members only.

  12. Wow, your comment board just through a hissy. I was about to tell it to eat me, and then it let my comment through. Wacky.

  13. R

    I know I’ve searched the group without being signed in. I think you only need to be signed in to post. But the info is all open to anyone.

  14. R

    This has been a problem. Are you using the comment frame to comment? I have major issues with the frame, on all blogs. It won’t post it, but luckily it saves it there in the frame. Right above the frame is a link, so between “feel free to comment” and the “comment editor frame 1”, there is a link, sounds like “comment dah ee fromee” or something lol. I’ve been using the link, and its been fine.

  15. The frame’s fine as long as I’m signed into google. If not, I have to remember to click that iframe link. At least jaws calls it an iframe link. The funky doodle link that you’re talking about anyway. the last time, I could click the post button until the cows come home, but nothing would happen. Then I hit preview, and up she went. Silly thing.

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