If you’re a baseball player, you better keep your mouth shut

All the media and Rays blogs and folks on Twitter and broadcasters could talk about all season long was poor attendance at the Trop. They would all say things like, a new stadium in Tampa would solve it, move out of St. Petersburg blah blah blah.

I’m sorry but, “if you build it, they will come” was part of a really cheesy baseball movie. This is reality folks.

All season, this is what we’ve heard. They would announce the attendance. What a shame. Best record in baseball and they can’t even fill the park unless the Yankees are in town.

News flash: The Yankees have been around forever. The Yankees are the posterteam for baseball. The Rays haven’t been around that long and they’ve only been good for three years. Um. Hello?

Another point I’ve been making all year, just not here. We are in a freaking recession. Yeah, remember that? People are broke. If it’s a choice between a baseball game and feeding the kids, which will they pick?

But the Yankees are selling out their park. Ahem, yeah. A lot of rich folk live in New York. There’s also that thing about them being around forever.

A lotta rich people live in Florida too.

Yeah, and a lot of those people moved to Florida from New York or Boston. They all show up at the Trop to see their teams, which is why we have great attendance when they’re in town…

I’m so sick of the attendance talk. Now do you see how much it’s been talked about? All over the Rays blogs and on Twitter. Everyone talks about it. Everyone gives the Rays fans a ton of ish for not going to the games. No one says anything to the media about that. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon and says yeah! Lame fans! We need to move to Tampa! Yeah! That’ll fix it!

So what happens when Evan Longoria and David Price speak out about attendance? What happens when they are disappointed that last night’s game could have been a play off clincher and something like 12,000 people were there? What happens when the players themselves speak out in disappointment?

Oh no you didn’t. How dare you. How dare you with your millions speak ill of the fans who don’t come to the game. How dare you. Seriously, you lost 5-0 to the last place team on a night when you could have clinched a playoff spot, and you’re speaking ill of the fans who didn’t show up? How dare you. Spoiled rich kids.


That’s the answer Evan Longoria and David Price are getting on Twitter. One fan even wrote an open letter to the team.

How hypocritical is this? Let’s complain about attendance all year, but heaven forbid the actual players say anything? Wow.

I can’t believe how much this is being blown out of proportion. The guys were hoping to celebrate last night, celebrate with each other and with the fans. They lost. They were shut out by the team with the worst record in the ALE, even though they’ve been great as of late. Of course the Rays are disappointed. Not only did they lose, they looked up during that game and saw that they wouldn’t get to celebrate with a full house if they did win.

People say things maybe they shouldn’t all the time when they’re disappointed. Price and Longoria are probably wishing they had kept their mouths shut.

Am I defending them? You might say I’m just defending Longoria because I have a crush on him. While that’s true, I still talk ish about him just like we all do with our teams.

While I will still argue that we are in a recession, people are broke, the Rays are not the Yankees etc, while I don’t agree with Longoria and Price, I’m still very much disappointed for them, and understand where they’re coming from.

And above all, I don’t think it’s fair that the media, blogs, Twitter, our own announcers, the owner, etc, are allowed to bash the fans for not showing up, but the players themselves cannot. They don’t get a voice, just because they have money? Wow.

This team is a baby team. It’s newborn success. It’s going to take time, if it ever matches the likes of the Yankees, or the Red Sox, or the Phillies, or the Dodgers.

So I’m terribly sick of hearing about attendance and think the Rays need to be patient and grateful for the people who do show up.

But I also think they should have a voice, just like everyone else. If everyone else can complain, they should be allowed to as well.

Media, it’s time to back up your players and stand up for them by saying yeah, we’ve had the same complaints all season. You’re allowed to speak out, too.


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19 Responses to If you’re a baseball player, you better keep your mouth shut

  1. I don’t understand the backlash they’re getting either, it doesn’t make a lot of sense on its face unless there’s something I’m missing due to not following everything that goes on with the Rays super closely. But I’m trying to imagine a similar thing going on with the Jays. Their gate numbers are pretty bad this year unless a high profile team like Boston or New York is in town, and just like you talked about, it does get made an issue of sometimes by media and fans. I haven’t heard a player complain, but I hope that our media would be sensible enough to say you know, the guy’s absolutely right, there’s a lot of good things happening with this team and people should be showing up. If the reporters can chew about it, so can the players. After all, without the players, the reporters would have nothing to report.

    A blog I was reading this morning made a decent point about the Rays attendance problems. Baseball isn’t doing a very good job of marketing them. The Rays, as good as they are, have only been on the national Sunday Night Baseball game of the week once this year. for a team fighting for 1st in the toughest division in the AL, that’s pitiful. Exposing them to the wider audience more wouldn’t fix everything, but there’s no way it would hurt.

  2. Ro

    Yeah, and it would help if they knew where the hell we play instead of saying, “down in Tampa”. Um, no. At least there’s less and less instances of the “devil rays”…

  3. Even I still have trouble with the Devil Rays thing now and then lol. I’m getting better at it, but sometimes I have to try really hard not to slip.

  4. Ro

    I just read the open letter from the fan that I mentioned, but the comments pissed me off and I closed the window haha. Ah, people. People people people.

  5. Wow, must be pretty bad. Mind linking it so I can check it out?

  6. Ro

    Ok I went and found it again. I really like the letter. It’s the comments that got me, but I’m really spoon lacking and grouchy today. 😉

    Here’s the letter

  7. I expected those comments to be a lot worse, but I can see how they’d be a little annoying. I hate it when people can’t see common sense. At least they were respectful in their disagreement.

  8. Ro

    Yeah, everything is super magnified right now since I’m so exhausted.

    Hey, could you take a look at that site again and tell me if you’d be able to comment? You don’t have to comment, just theoretically see if you could? I can’t and I’m talking to the site owner about it. He’s into accessibility.

  9. Without even commenting there I can tell you I can’t. That comment system is used on a couple of blogs I read and it doesn’t work for me on either of them. I’ve been planning to bring it up with people but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Should do that.

  10. Ro

    Cool, thanks for letting me know it isn’t just VO haha!

    Hey, what do you think about WordPress comments? I think they’re a pain even though they’re accessible, but I haven’t wanted to say anything if I’m just being nitpicky.

  11. Can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with WordPress comments. What is it you don’t like?

  12. Ro

    It’s not the leaving a comment, it’s the subscribing. You get an email asking if you want to subscribe. Um yeah, I said I did when I checked the check box. Then you have to go to the link on the page and confirm yet again.

    Then, when you get an email notifying you of a new comment, it quotes a little bit of the original post. I can’t just listen to the whole message unless I want to hear that quote over and over so I have to go into the message to find the comment. It’s just a pain.

  13. Wacky. I’ve never seen it do that. Wonder if that’s fairly new. A lot of the WordPress blogs I’ve seen lately don’t even have a subscribe by email option these days.

  14. Ro

    Really? Wow, it’s that way on all the WordPress blogs I read. A Rays blog is WordPress style, but no subscribe button. I hate not being able to subscribe.

    I also don’t like thelayout of WordPress blogs, but maybe I’m just nitpicky again. 😉

  15. If they’re done right I actually quite like them. We almost switched the Comet to WordPress a few years ago when we were having some problems with some Blogger changes.

  16. Ro

    Yeah, I like the way Sandra Murillo’s WordPress blog is set up. You don’t have a ton of tags to get around before her post content. Still have to do that wonky subscription thing though.

    Rays are up 5-0…clinch! clinch! clinch!

  17. Speaking of clinch, Yanks are up on the Jays 3-1 in the 7th.

  18. Ro

    They will clinch if they win? At least we’ll still be a half game up.

  19. Yes, pretty sure they will.

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