If you have a bone, can you throw it my way?

Today did not start well. In fact it was steadily beginning to look ugly for anyone I might accidentally come into contact with, online, in person or over the phone so I unplugged from the internet, downloaded “11-22-63” from my Audible library and cuddled on the couch with Jayden for the rest of the day until it was time to make some dinner. I started crocheting Jayden a new mat for his spot under the breakfast bar, too.

I saw the oral surgeon back on the sixth and we came up with a plan for getting my extractions. Unfortunately, the bombshell was dropped at the end of the appointment that the insurance had to approve the procedure and that could take four to six weeks.

When I finished up with the antibiotics and discovered the soothing power of tea, it was looking like waiting wouldn’t be a problem. But the last few days the pain has begun to come back in the upper left part of my mouth because of the broken wisdom tooth there. The pain is going up into my ear and cheekbone. I’m not sure if the horrible vertigo I’ve been experiencing is all because of that or not but luckily I have my first house call tomorrow with my new nurse practitioner. Maybe she can give me some suggestions.

I called the oral surgeon’s office this morning to see if they had heard anything back from the insurance but they didn’t answer so I tried calling the insurance and by the fourth person who couldn’t help me, I was seriously close to a meltdown. I called the oral surgeon again and she checked to see if they had gotten the approval but of course not. So I asked if I can just pay to have the one tooth out that’s causing all these problems.

“Yes we can do that, not a problem.”

“Oh great!”

“Unfortunately our computers are down right now so I can’t do any scheduling or price checking. Can I call you back when they’re up?”

Deep breath.

“Of course, not a problem.”

I never heard back from her. Escaping life and dissolving into the story of the man who goes back in time to save Kennedy helped me calm down. Luckily the nurse tomorrow is taking a urine sample, which is good since I’ve been eating Advil like it’s candy. This too shall pass, right? I mean, right?

My friend Ricardo had mentioned that he wanted to reread “11-22-63” again after JFK has been all over social media and what not lately so he planted the seed. I ran across my post about it not long after and had to laugh when I read the part where I asked if the post would influence my reading the book again this year. Not sure it did, but I’m grateful for the book.

You guys, I’m not sure how much more of this I can take. Oh yeah, I need a new neurologist and the one I wanted to see doesn’t take my insurance. What next, universe?

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