If the world were to end tomorrow…oh wait, it is *edited*

So the world is ending tomorrow, though there are conflicting pieces of information about that. I’ve heard the world will end tomorrow after all the saved ones go to heaven but I’ve also heard that the saved ones will go to heaven and the rest of us will suffer until October 21st.

Either way, I got to thinking about the things on the old bucket list that won’t get accomplished before the world ends tomorrow. What I came up with makes me realize just how fulfilling my life has been. These are the only things I’m really sad about not accomplishing before the world ends:

– Get engaged to B

-Get a big hug from Evan Longoria

– Attend a Rays game at Tropicana Field

– Sing a duet in person with Emeel Salem (can’t believe I didn’t think about this when I originally wrote this post. Slacker.)

– Hang out with Carin, Steve, Barb and Amanda in person

That’s really about it. If the world ends tomorrow, those will be the only things I’ll really lament never doing. Sure there are lots of things I’d like to do, like skydive and read the third book of Scott Westerfeld’s ‘Leviathan’ series, (which comes out in September), and watch Harry Potter 7.2, but I wouldn’t cry about those things.

I just find it pretty cool that I’d leave this world feeling quite fulfilled and happy after my thirty-two years on the planet.

In case we never meet again, it’s been nice knowing you. Have fun on the other side if you make it.


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4 Responses to If the world were to end tomorrow…oh wait, it is *edited*

  1. Its quite a thought but as you say peaceful too!

  2. Well, hope we get stuck together! and then we can hang out all we want 🙂 if I do go..you and Taylor are in charge of Leah lol

  3. Ro

    Wait, you’re saying that you might go over Taylor and me? What are we, chop liver? Humpf.

  4. I don’t know, people around here seem to think I’m pretty awesome…I’m just being prepared lol I still love you both 🙂

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