I will never scape Windows, will I

I started writing this yesterday so, this story started on Friday, not Saturday. 😉


Yesterday morning, B was messing with a computer before work, which he doesn’t usually do. He explained that the night before, espn.com had completely killed his Internet Explorer on the laptop and then the laptop told him he needed to install updates.

At this point I should back up and say that that laptop was nothing but a headache when I bought it back in 2007 when CompUSA was going out of business. It’s an HP Pavillion (sp?) and it didn’t even work when I took it out of the box. I had taken it to a computer geek friend of mine after getting nowhere with HP tech support, and he had to call and do all kinds of stuff and reset the BIOS to get it working. For the most part, it worked, but it would not let Yahoo Instant Messenger connect. I remember using the web version after trying to allow the firewall to allow Yahoo and all sorts of ish. Again, HP tech support was no help with that matter, so I finally just gave up.

Then, after installing the Windows updates, the laptop wouldn’t connect to the internet. Again on the phone with HP tech support. We ended up doing a system restore to the point where it was before the updates. The HP guy had told me he’s been seeing that a lot with Vista, that updates were totally screwing things up. Oh yeah, I had forgotten to mention this laptop has Vista. I should have mentioned that right from the start of this post.

So anyway, I had turned off the auto updating and things were smooth sailing. Then I went blind, found out how much Jaws was and said, um yeah, not gonna trust that laptop with a thousand dollar program. The desktop is a rebuilt jobby from a resale shop. So that’s how I got the Apple.

But do you see now why I’m so upset that the latest Apple updates have messed up Safari? It’s a Windows nightmare all over again.

But back to the laptop. So when B got home from work last night, all the updates had installed so hopefully he could view espn.com without it crashing IE.

It’s not connecting to the internet.


Reach back into my memory vaults and try and remember all the stuff I’d had to do with that laptop. I’m an Apple now, so to remember a Windows computer, trying to visualize what to do, was making my brain numb. The game was also starting.

But, when there’s a computer asking for help, I can’t rest easy.

Espn.com wasn’t freezing the desktop, but it was running slowly, along with another website. Weird. I’m thinking espn.com made some changes and Internet Exploder doesn’t like it. That’s not a typo. So I figured we should try Firefox but first we had to solve the internet connection issue. Then I remembered having to do the system restore, so I had B do that. I had to Google how since I couldn’t remember. Sure enough the system restore fixed it. We just cannot update that laptop apparently.

He tries espn.com again with the same results. “Any ideas?” he asks. I explain that yes, lets try Firefox. L^2 had just made a comment or a post somewhere about not bothering with IE after someone mentioned her blog didn’t load right on IE. Carin always says great things about Firefox. I can’t use it because it’s not compatible with Voiceover. So I thought maybe it would fix the espn.com problem.

B didn’t know you could do that. He thought you were just stuck with whatever browser was on your computer. I am the geek in the family, as you can tell.

So he downloads Firefox. He tells me it won’t access the internet, but IE still does. So to Google I go.

Ok, we have to tell the firewall to allow Firefox. So I have him do all that, listening to Alex give me instructions and then repeating them to B. He does that. Still nothing.

Crap. I was sooooo hoping it would be the Windows Firewall and not stupid Norton. But it’s gotta be Norton. Hadn’t I gotten rid of Norton? Way back in the day? Or didn’t my computer geek friend? Why is it still there? I tell B to look at the add/remove programs and it’s there so he tries getting rid of it and it freezes the whole computer. Ugh. We can’t even find the damn .exe file in the explorer so it must just be componenents of Norton still floating around, screwing with Firefox.

So to Google I go again. I think I typed something like “can’t get rid of Norton” or something. I found a forum where a girl asked all these questions. Her Firefox wouldn’t work, iTunes wouldn’t work, Yahoo IM wouldn’t work, etc but she couldn’t get rid of Norton.

I remembered B not being able to use iTunes on the laptop. And my past issues with Yahoo. Was this all the ghost of Norton? A guy replied to the original post saying, “Norton is harder to get rid of than a virus.” He suggested using a Norton removal tool from the Symmantic (sp?) site and gave the link. So I e-mailed B the link and he tried it.

Sure enough Firefox worked without issue! And espn.com worked just fine on it. Yay Firefox! B put it on the desktop too. He is just amazed at how much faster and smoother it is. So it all worked out ok.

I talked to Carol about all this and she said we’ve gotta put Windows 7 on the laptop. She loves Windows 7. I’m thinking we’d better, because we still can’t update the laptop without losing the internet.

So, just when I thought I had completely escaped Windows, I realized I have not. If we had money, I’d convert B to an Apple.

I actually enjoy troubleshooting computers and like I said, I can’t ignore a computer problem. But man did it make me totally brain foggy. It actually kinda freaked me out a little how foggy I got. I mean there was one point where I was ready to just shut down. I used to be able to spend hours doing that kind of thing. Maybe it was just extra exhausting since I had to remember Windows when I haven’t used a Windows computer in well over two years.

Moral of the story? If you must use Windows, get Windows 7 and Firefox. 😉


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6 Responses to I will never scape Windows, will I

  1. Ro when i read that title i thought “Jesus Ro what are you up to! Escaping windows?” lol.
    I am on Windows Vista too. The only thing i don’t like about it is that it is quite slow and sluggish. I wanna try Windows 7 though but my version of JAWS isn’t compatible.


  2. Ro

    Don’t worry; not jumping out of windows lol. That’s what I love about Apple. When I upgrade the OS it includes Voiceover free of charge.

    Do you use Firefox?

  3. I did ages ago, but took it off again as it was kind of making my computer like a snail. It’s already slow in the first place!!!! I really wanna play with a mac some day. Will maybe come over and hijack yours? Lol. I love the way Alex breathes though!!! Quite awesome!! Xxx

  4. Well, I had so many problems with Vista and JAWS that I just said screw it all in less nicer terms and upgraded my JAWS and my OS, because I found a deal from Microsoft for students to be able to get Windows7 for like $50 for the professional version and it was like $30 for the home premimum, pardon the spelling…I am running real low right now

  5. I’m still using Windows XP. I rarely have a problem with it and when I do it’s generally some other program’s fault. I’m in no hurry to upgrade since they’re still supporting it. Why fix something that ain’t broke?

  6. Ro

    That’s exactly what Carol said about XP. We still have that on the desktop and it’s fine.

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