I was ready to be friends again until he asked for too much

Since the Rays won the Jays series, I was ready to be friends with Steve again, until he asked that the Rays be swept by the Rangers. While I will be rooting for the Jays this weekend as they play the Yankees, Steve’s right, the Yanks are a common enemy, I cannot ask for the Rangers to get a sweep. Sorry, Steve.

We lost last night’s game I think mostly because of our pitching. Wade Davis, I love you, but your rookiness is showing. Our bats are working again, so I have faith we’ll take this series in Texas. Feel free to continue beating the Yankees though, I really appreciated that last night, Jays. It’s great when they lose on the same nights we do.

And really I wouldn’t mind the Rays for the ALE champions and the Jays for wild card. That’s the only compromise I’m willing to make.


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  1. I would jump up and down and do my best to turn cartwheels if the Jays won the wild card. You finishing ahead of us in the East would be completely fine with me in that case. However I must put you on notice that at such point as we find our respective teams facing off in a playoff series that it is, as the kids say, on.

  2. Even though you finishing ahead of me is fine if the Jays get the wild card, I still will not budge on you being swept this weekend while we do likewise to the Yankees. At the end of the day winning the division is what everybody hopes for, and as part of everybody, I am no different.

  3. Ro

    Ok, that would be a silver lining. If we get swept but you sweep the Skanks, we’ll still hold our 2 game lead and that’ll put you closer to the wild card. So, ok. I’m not agreeing to be swept, but if we are and so is New York, it won’t be so bad. I don’t see us getting swept though.

    But stupid Carlos Pena. It was top nine, we were down by three runs. 2 batters before him got hit so they were on. 2 outs. He swings at the first pitch and grounds out. I was soooo mad. The tie was handed to us.

  4. At least he didn’t strike out. Isn’t he the league leader in that department?

  5. Ro

    Yeah, but he’s also been drawing walks. That’s what I was hoping for, if not a hit for once.

  6. The Jays game is great, but it’s killin’ me. We’re heading to the 14th inning, tied 2-2.

  7. Jays win! 3-2 in 14! Woo!

    And last I heard the Rays were doing their part by losing 4-1 to Texas! Once again, woo!

  8. Ro

    We had the Jays on tv and I’ve got the Rays on the computer. Thanks a ton. I won’t panic if we lose now, though gaining ground would be great.

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