I want to but I can’t

Happy Friday the 13th. Blech. Its living up to its superstition.

I want to write about my phone adventures today, clearing up that insurance stuff and introducing Silicone Sassy, Sally’s sister, but I just don’t have the energy.

I’m sitting here with a Vicks scented tissue jammed up my left nostril. I feel completely whiped out. Good thing I stayed home.

I have to write a post for that 30 in 30 thing, so I’m writing this right now in case I pass out and don’t come back to the computer.

Maybe afternoon coffee will give me enough pep to introduce Silicon Sassy, and another blogger gave me the idea to write about my vacuum experience.

Fun posts lining up, but my spoon drawer be empty.


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4 Responses to I want to but I can’t

  1. Hope your cold gets better! I’m looking forward to your fun posts!

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog — that was inspiring! Hope you get feeling better SOON.

  3. R

    No luck yet on the feeling better front. Today’s been the worst so far. Thanks for the well wishes!

    Becky, thank you for writing the post that brought back those memories 🙂 Those were good memories.

  4. I hope you feel much better soon!!!

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