I want Evan Longoria’s hand

So tomorrow the Tampa Bay Rays are back at home to play the Toronto Blue Jays. The first ten thousand women get an “I Heart Longo” t-shirt. I’m guessing it’s an actual heart, not the word. And I hate that nickname. Anyway, when I heard that I wanted one anyway haha! You see, I love Evan Longoria. Not just because he’s a gorgeous third baseman with quite a swing, (actualy I don’t know if he’s hot, he has just been hot to me, and I had a friend describe him and also read what other women say on his youtube videos hehe) but he is the main reason I fell in love with baseball.

In 2008 when the Rays were doing well, I wasn’t a baseball fan but kinda listened on the tv when B was watching. I was newly blind and soon found I could follow baseball pretty well. When the Rays would play at home, I always perked up when I heard Evan’s at bat music, ‘Down and Out’ by Tantric, which I love. So really it was his music that got me, but then he was just so good!

I’ve mentioned the story about how now the Rays are my team, and really, Evan started all that. I was thinking how I’d love that t-shirt and then I thought about an autographed baseball but really, an autograph won’t help me because I can’t see it.

So then I thought, what about a plaster cast of his hand? And then I thought, what if I post a blog about it and someone with some pull happens to read it and maybe I really could get a plaster cast of his hand…hahahaha!!!

So this is my shameless appeal to the masses: If you know how I might get a plaster cast of Evan Longoria’s hand, could you let me know? Or maybe someone might read this who knows him? Or heck, maybe he himself is bored one day and searches the blogs for himself. Oh yeah right hahaha!!

What’s the harm in asking though? Or hey, maybe the Rays will get wind of my story and fly me up to Tropicana Field to hang out with Evan and the guys in the clubhouse? Hahaha! A girl can dream, right?


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2 Responses to I want Evan Longoria’s hand

  1. I’d love to be able to tell you that I have some connections and will pull some strings for you, but sadly I can’t. Good luck though.

    I’d also like to tell you that this weekend series is going to go well for you and your team, but I can’t do that either. the Jays are going to eat your lunch, and the way I see it there are 2 things you can do about it: Nothing, and like it.

  2. Ro

    Oh honey, you know I love ya, but you are sadly mistaken. I mean you have it the other way around. It’s you who have two options for this weekend. Take the loss, but I won’t say you’ll have to like it.

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