I need Victor!

Oh Victor, Victor darling, how I need you. You are so amazing, you are so multi talented, you are oh so incredibly accessible. I must have you, and you knew that as soon as I put my hands on you, didn’t you? You knew I would relentlessly chase you and conive a way to possess you. I realized today that I will have you by the end of the year, without a doubt. I am coming for you Victor, please be ready to fulfill your duties.

Oh the Victor Reader Stream. A technological wonder for the blind and visually impaired. I got to see Victor in Stars class at Saavi and It was like that moment in Wayne’s World when Wayne I think, is fawning over the guitar and he’s says “it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine”

We only looked at it briefly, but I fell in love instantly. It is about the size of a Blackberry, maybe a tad bigger. I think there were about ten or so buttons on the front, and a very nice female voice reading out the options. It doesn’t sound very synthesized at all. You can put audio books on it, and read multiple books and never lose your place with the bookmark feature. You can put music on it too. These features are great, but this morning I figured out exactly why I need Victor.

The recording feature is incredible. We played with it a little bit that day, and the sound quality is unbelievable. Patti said she recorded an entire class lecture once, just by putting Victor on her desk, and it caught every word perfectly. I will have this by my next semester of choir. Everyone is trying to be really helpful and one of the women put the first rehearsal on a cd for me, and this last Tuesday she recorded the rehearsal and put it on a flash drive for me to take home. Having the rehearsal recorded is incredibly helpful but unfortunately I can’t figure out how to get the files from the flash drive to iTunes to put it on my iPod. The cd of the first rehearsal must be in some weird format, because iTunes won’t even read it.

If I had a Victor, I could record the whole rehearsal which is helpful, even when no singing is taking place, because the director is talking about the music. I could have it right in the middle of the second sopranos too which would be great. The lady that did the other recordings is an alto, so I could barely hear the second sopranos.

So my goal is to have Victor by our next semester beginning in March. I’m hoping to be back from guide dog school by March, fingers crossed.

On another note semi related, one of the girls made a cd with a music program, that reads scanned music, and makes a recording of the parts. She made mine with a track of the second soprano part alone, and then a track of all the parts together. I uploaded into iTunes yesterday. Since the cd isn’t of actual recordings, there is no title or anything, so I had no clue how I’d find the tracks once I ejected the cd.

I decided to make a playlist just for choir stuff. I’ve always added music to playlists by finding the album in the sources table, tabbing to the songs table, interacting with the songs table, opening up the menu on the song I want, selecting “add to playlist” and selecting playlist.

I went to do this again and the “add to playlist” feature wasn’t there!! I got so angry, because the last iTunes upgrade changed a lot of stuff, in ways I’m not so happy about and now it was telling me to drag and drop the song into the playlist. Well, I can’t do that. that requires a mouse. I don’t use a mouse.

So I got frustrated and made a nasty comment about Apple on Facebook, and decided to call them next week when I was cooled off.

I have noticed that with any computer issue, if I walk away, I almost always . find the solution. Well, this time it took sleeping on it, and I realized that I had interacted with the songs table, having selected the audio cd in the sources table. So I didn’t have the same options in the menu, since I was looking at the actual cd. I went to the sources table and selected “Music, library playlist” and did a search for “track 01” and it pulled it right up, with the proper menu. I had to search for each track individually, since there is no album name, but I got it all moved over to the playlist.

When I have Victor, I won’t need to mess with iTunes at all, because it’ll all be right there already, and portable. No moving to the iPod.

I don’t know why I felt the need to blog about this. I guess because I’m a technogeek and just love assistive technologies 😉


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  1. I gave up VICTOR almost seven years ago.Referring to my ex.hahahaha Oh, you mean the technological wonder? Good luck on that Ray. You keep going! I’ll keep reading! *smile*


  2. If I’m not mistaken, GDB will let you buy a victor, and you might even be able to get it for half price. But I’m not sure about that. I’m pretty sure they love Victor as much as you do. I love my Victor. I have a 2-gig SD card on it and I took a giant book home no sweat. Yea books for the bus!

  3. R

    Oh sweet! I read on another blog about a Victor class at GDB. That would be great, I’ll wait to buy one until I know for sure! Yay! He will be mine, oh yes, he will be mine…

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