I missed a call from Dave Wills at #Raysfanfest

Today is the Rays Fan Fest at the Trop in St. Petersburg. A bunch of the guys will be there and Joe is giving a luncheon for charity. Cool event, huh? Too bad I’m in Arizona.

A friend on Twitter send me a message yesterday, saying she’d try and get someone to call me from there. At first I didn’t understand what she meant, then it clicked and I gave her my number.

So this morning my phone rings. My ring tone is Evan Longoria’s walk up song, ‘Down and Out’ by Tantric. My sleep muddled thoughts told me I might want to answer it but I checked the number and I don’t know Florida’s area code. So my twilight mind didn’t win and I didn’t answer.

I had a voicemail and it was Dave Wills. Dave Wills! The Rays radio guy!! I listen to him and Andy for every game! And I didn’t answer the call!!!!! He left a message, saying he was Dave Wills from the Tampa Bay Rays. I don’t think he knew it was my voicemail because he asked how I was doing. Then I heard him say maybe it was too loud and I couldn’t hear and my friend said something like, I think it was…” and then hung up. She must have been telling him it was my voicemail.

I can’t believe I didn’t answer the call. At least I have the message right? Silver lining.

So I call her back a little while later after I fed Jayden and she said she was talking to a lady, trying something, she’d talk to me later. So I go get caught up on Twitter and if you use the Fan Fest hash tag, #RaysFanFest, you could win a price (that’s a typo, supposed to be prize, but when I caught it I thought it was funny. Win a price? David Price?) or your tweet might even make the screen at the Trop. So I’m adding that to all my tweets now.

My Twitter friend called back and told me she hoped I didn’t mind her playing the blind card, but she talked to the lady who runs the phone a friend booth and there was a guy there will pull or something and long story short, I might get a call from a Rays player. The phone a friend time is between 1 and 3 FL time, so I’m glued to my phone starting at 11 here, just in case. My friend couldn’t wait in line because she has tickets to Joe’s luncheon, so she gave the lady my number.

So…I might just get a call from a Rays player. She told the lady my story, about Evan’s walk up music and everything. This is definitely a time where playing the blind card is just fine with me hahaha!

After all, the Rays made me a baseball fan and we all know how much I love baseball now. It’s definitely one of the many awesome things that have come out of my blindness. Maybe she’ll run into Dirk Hayhurst and beg him to call me from her phone? Hahahah!

Oh man, online friends are awesome! I’ll post again if I get a call! =D

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