I loves my link chooser menu

Remember when I was complaining about the Dashboard not having headers I can use to skip past the list of blogs I follow to my reading list? Duh. Why didn’t I think of my link chooser. A good ol VO plus U and there are all my links. I start typing vomit and it takes me to the last blog on the list and if I only click it once, I get right to my new blogs. Wow. Technology is great, when the user gets smart enough to use it.

Oh, and I really really really need to un follow that one blog. I can’t not read it. Its like a bad car wreck, or a really horrible song you listen to to see if it gets any better, or a really horrible movie you’ve already wasted an hour of your life on so you waste another hour so the first hour wasn’t a waste and then you’ve just wasted two hours and get a resentment for another two hours. I need to unfollow. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d really appreciate it. Like I said before, I go to the list of blogs I follow and find this one and click settings and there’s text that says unsubscribe or whatever, but it does nothing. Help!


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  1. L^2

    Glad you figured out an easier way to navigate your following list.

    I don’t know exactly know what to suggest for unfollowing that blog. When I look at the settings for a blog I’m following, there is a link that says “stop following this blog”. When I click on that it brings up a box with the title: Stop Following (name of blog). And it asks Are you sure you want to stop following (name of blog)? And there are buttons to choose from that say stop following or cancel. I really hate to say it, but you might have to ask B to help you out with it if your screen reader is not detecting that link.

  2. R

    Yeah, this will be one thing I will have no qualms in getting sighted help for. Heck, I help B with his computer, and there’s no screen reader, so its a nice trade 😉

  3. I know I know.. lol You go to manage down under the list of all the blogs you follow. Click on the settings for the blog you want to unfollow and once in that screen you can find a link that says stop following. yay you’re done. Hope it helps lol.

  4. R

    But the link isn’t a link, or at least Alex doesn’t think it is. It just goes thunk thunk when I try and click on it. Maybe I should try it again.

  5. Hmm.. Ok what if you go to the actual blog’s site and up at the top there is that bar that has the search box and then there is a follow link right after it. If you click on it it will tell you that you are already following and it will give you the options to either stop following or to cancel out of the new box. See if maybe you can get it that way.

  6. R

    Oh I got it!!! Its gone!!!! Yay!!!!

    I visited the blog and used the blogger navigation and search html content, clicked follow, it said you already follow and there was a link to quit following and it worked!!! Yay!!!!

  7. R


    Ok Natalie, I didn’t get your comment until I tried that very thing, but you still get full credit hahaha! I figured it out and went to email Carin and found your comment lol!!!

  8. haha thanks R, good job on figuring it out lol glad I could help.. sort of haha

  9. R

    Great minds think a like lol!!

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