I Hung Out With Josh Groban On My Birthday

Ok so yeah obviously I didn’t really hang out with Josh Groban today but I felt like I did while listening to this podcast featuring him as guest.

Why, oh why, did I not know who this man was until last night? I mean seriously! His career broke back in 1999 when he rehearsed a song with Celien Dion because her duet partner couldn’t make it to rehearsal. This is just the kind of story I totally fall for! Oh wait, the internet wasn’t what it is today then, that must be part of it.

I’ve heard his name and I mean c’mon, everyone has heard You Raise Me Up so why had I never listened to more of his music?

I decided last night that it was because my body couldn’t handle it until now haha! When I heard him sing Ave Maria last night well, um, oh look there’s William Shatner. William Shatner has tweeted Josh Groban before and finally last night I thought ok who is this guy?

The rest is history! I’m officially in love. Sorry B. Based on his voice I thought Josh Groban would be a lot older but he’s actually a couple years younger than I am.

So now I’m slightly obsessed and when I asked on Twitter if I could have Josh Groban for my birthday, L-Squared tweeted me the link to the podcast I tweeted above and I fell into Josh Groban heaven for ninety minutes. At the beginning of the podcast the host says something like, “Josh Groban is delightful. You should get some Josh Groban in you.” Oh. My. Goodness. Ok.

What a great birthday! Ok I’m off to listen to some Josh Groban while I get ready to head out of town tomorrow.


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2 Responses to I Hung Out With Josh Groban On My Birthday

  1. Win Anderson

    Since you live with a certain individual, I can certainly understand how you would not have heard his music. I assume you can only play it during normal working hours. Have a good trip.

  2. Ro

    Hahahahahahaha!!! Oh, but headphones are a wonderful thing. I literally spent all day listening to him yesterday, playing youtube videos etc. I went to sleep with him in my head and woke up with him there and he’s playing now. I know what I’m listening to on the road today!
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